Japan: Japanese Weight Watchers

Obesity is Not a Problem for Japanese Woman

Have you ever seen any overweight women in Japan; any women that needed to lose weight? Look around you in any train station, or town centre. You will have your work cut out for you to spot anyone over their ideal body weight. They don’t need to lose weight, in fact, most will be underweight. The slim physique of the average Japanese woman, is the envy of other women the world over. Weight loss is not their concern.

Japanese women are also renowned for their beautiful clear skin and for looking ten years younger than their actual age. No diets necessary. The Japanese staple diet of green tea, rice, vegetables and fish enables, good healthy food, enables most of the population to stay slim, stay in good health, and live long lives, free of diseases associated with obesity such as coronary heart disease and diabetes. Where are all the fatties so depressingly prevalent in the USA, the UK and Germany for example? There aren’t any. So why on earth are there a whole host of “weight watcher” products now available in Japanese stores, encouraging women to lose weight? This is a true testament to the unrivalled manipulative skills of the marketing people.

Weight Watchers Products For Sale

What do these products do? Perhaps help people to keep their weight up - to stop them becoming any slimmer? Watch your weight or you might become too thin! And if there are weight watchers products on display on supermarket shelves, there are probably also, hidden away on the highest floors of faceless town buildings and unseen from the street below, weight watchers clubs. I can just imagine the proceedings

Secrets of the Japanese Weight Watchers Clubs

“Oh, Midori San, you have lost 3 pounds this month. Tut, tut. Now that really will not do. You really must be more disciplined and try to gain weight. Eat two candy bars and a packet of crisps after every meal for the next four weeks. Also, try to take less exercise. Don’t walk so much, ride your bike less, and use your car more often; that should help. Do you play any sports? You do? Oh well that will have to stop. Try lounging on the sofa in front of the television all evening instead. If you do feel like taking physical exercise, just lie down until the feeling goes away. That should do it”.

“Also, a word about snacking between meals. Do this as often as possible. We recommend that you always keep a chocolate fudge cake with double cream in your refrigerator in case of emergencies. For something more substantial, there is the ever popular chocolate and peanut butter sandwich. We gave you the recipe last month. If you are out in town, and feel a bit peckish, then we heartily recommend Mr Donut. You will find one in every high street and their products are chock full of lovely calories. You can rely on them to fill you up with sugar and starch.”

It is true that the donut and ice cream parlours are increasing in popularity in Japan. They are usually full to bursting, packed with svelte young mothers, no doubt under orders from the leader of their local weight watchers group to consume as much sugar and starch as possible.

Fast-Food Outlets on the Increase

What is depressing, however, is that the strategy appears to be working. I have begun to spot some overweight Japanese. No, not the weight conscious mothers, but rather their children. Easily seduced by the relentless American imperialist marketing rhetoric, they are turning their back on traditional Japanese cuisine in favour of the more glitzy, hip, cool (and with infinitely more street-cred) “fast food” outlets. McDonalds, KFC, Mr Donut and others, are changing Japanese eating habits forever.

Soon, real western-style fatties will be a common sight on the Japanese high street, and so real western-style weight watchers clubs will be needed.

And soon the newly obese Japanese will be able to waddle down the street in their western-style clothes, on the way to the hospital, for a real western-style heart bypass operation due to their real western-style coronary disease.


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ecgfvlvupa 3 years ago

I like your website.. excellent colorations & topic. Do anyone pattern this website you or perhaps did you actually hire an attorney to get it done for yourself? Plz interact since I!|m seeking to pattern my own site in addition to would wish to learn where u became this kind of by. appreciate it

Coquin profile image

Coquin 7 years ago

Nice humor - it made me laugh!

Raphael 7 years ago

I enjoyed this very much. THank you.

poetlorraine 7 years ago

quite interesting., i do envy thin people actually

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 7 years ago Author

Flightkeeper - I think not, unfortunately. There still aren't that many fat kids, but its increasing . . here's one example


Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 7 years ago from The East Coast

It's too bad the young 'uns are turning to fast food. Hopefully, it's a temporary fascination.

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 7 years ago Author

FP - Ah yes, but what else besides? :)

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 7 years ago from India

Sigh...my diet includes green tea, rice, vegetables and fish...guess I'm just the wrong nationality! :P

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