Welcome to Jasper, Alberta

This little town (Jasper) found at the north-end of the Icefields Parkway, in Alberta is a tiny community. There are somewhere around five thousand people who live there, I think. My first thoughts were regarding the way I felt while there ... I felt a general feeling of peacefulness, all around; quite impressive.

Jasper is a jewel. I had to jump out of the car and run across a park to photograph the library. It just looked like it was taken out of a fairy tale book and put there. At least around the library everything was perfect: the grass cut uniformly, absolutely no garbage on the street or sidewalk ... the day was gorgeous; maybe I was dreaming again ...

Even though this is a fairly small town, there are lots of things to do. It is a place that thrives on tourism and it is the main place to go to if you are around Jasper National Park. I was actually looking for a place called "The Edge of the World". I was not told where it was, just that it was around Jasper. I never found it but I am inclined to think that the town itself was "the edge of the world". It just felt that way.

I for one, loved how Jasper but not only Jasper, Revelstoke in British Columbia and many other towns are that way: are hidden behind mountains. Towns, from what I saw were often in valleys. Kamloops was also like that. Almost as if the mountains are natural walls thus, each town is actually a fortress.

I am happy I thought of Jasper and went there, for no reason at all, except for wanting to go there. It was not only because it was such a fabulous little town but because from there, the road into British Columbia was just as spectacular as it was in Alberta and I came across places I never thought existed.

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Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Mr. Happy, I have visited Jasper twice now and just absolutely adore it!! Your photographs brought all of my memories back :-)

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