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Wendy Wu China is a wonderful place full of more attractions than the eye can handle! Touring China has to go down as my best personal experience and also as an achievment in itself. Me and my wife visited China in 2008. We booked through Wendy Wu Tours, who at the time had been recommended to us by a friend. We found the overall experience and the way in which we was looked after was fantastic; it was more than we had even hoped for. The accomodation was absolutely brilliant, the food equal to that, but the tours are absolutely unbelievable.

We visited the Great Wall of Beijing which is we now know to be a 4000mile long wall, but almost more like a bridge. It averages at 25ft high, and as you can see from the picture it really is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. They say that you can see it from space.

We visited the Forbidden City, which was equally as amazing as the Great Wall. Never in a life time did i expect to see such architechual beauty. I am not a great lover of buildings and other architechual things, but this really was amazing. You can take pictures and videos as you wander around the marvellous city, full of palaces, that nobody lives in! You have to see it to believe it.

Then the Li River. Again this was another fantastic adventure. We was able to admire the beauty of the landscape and scenery around us and it really is breath taking. The air is fresh and you can feel it almost cleaning your lungs! 100% fantastic couple of days.

We also spent some time in Shanghai, a really modern city, unlike any we had ever seen before. Here we visited the zoo, and saw the cuddly black and white pandas. We also visited Yuyuang gardens and the Jade Buddah temple.

Our overall review of the vacation was 100% brilliant. It was a once in a life time experience, and the tour operators were also high recommendable.

 Hope that you enjoyed the free online review :0)

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buuudgttyuuur 6 years ago

absoulutly fantastic, amazing and i have'nt even been yet. lol

Craig Pavlus 5 years ago

Interesting and positive writeup as we are getting calls about Wendy Wu tours from clients throughout the country.

onetourchina profile image

onetourchina 5 years ago from Beijing, CN

You can have some other choice with local china travel service, who also can offer you brillant services along with transportation, guide, accommodations and intercity transfers. It's very easy to find one on the internet. Good Luck.

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