What Really Happened to Air France Flight 447

The Rise And Fall Of Flight 447

This is a very sad story with a very sad ending or is it? Is it all truthful or is there a plot that this is coverup from the goverment to coverup for the real fact that everyone was aducted?

It is most likely as they say it was. Just a very bad terrible accident. Some people think that they were abducted by aliens and that the debris found was planted and faked. Those wacky aliens love those anal probes.

That is why people who always abducted complain of sore butts when they come home.

It is true that it just involved a terrible storm that brought down a plane. This is very sad, but that is what happened. 

    There were bodies found along with a briefcase containing a ticket for that flight, but that is a little strange because airlines really do not have tickets anymore.

    Maybe the aliens forgot about that when they planted the ticket this time and the two bodies. 

     It was not the aliens.

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RAED 7 years ago

LAMEST ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 7 years ago Author

Why do you say that?

Lucky 7 years ago

Because it is lame. The evidence probably was planted...That plane is probably at the other side of the galaxy.

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 7 years ago Author

Of course it is lame. I cannot tell the truth, since I would be in even bigger trouble, since my friends in the Air Force would find out. Of course the evidence was planted.

proton66 profile image

proton66 5 years ago from Southern California

I like your article because you are stuck with alien abduction, possibly. Perhaps, you should hook up with the FAA crash investigations and see if aliens contributed to the crash.

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 5 years ago Author

Hey proton66. What is so wrong with alien abduction? lol

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