What To Expect When Cruising The Baltic Sea: Fun With A Few Surprises

If you like to go on cruises you had probably been on cruises to the Caribbean islands or down the coast of Mexico. One of the new curse destinations that has opened up for the cruise industry is the Baltic Sea. Cruising the Baltic you will get to see and visit the countries of Sweden, Estonia, and Russia,.Though this is a fun cruise filled with history and excitement, there are a few things you should know before undertaking such an endeavor.

If you are an American passenger your cruise will leave from Stockholm, Sweden. Here you will board one of the numerous cruise ships that travel the area. The Baltic Sea is pretty small so do not expect a fast cruising speed during your travels You will slowly leave these Stockholm harbor and move at one or 2 kn through small channels between many islands that are resort homes. Once you reach open sea the ship may pick up a little bit more steam, but due to the size of the cruising area you'll find that it moves at a slow relaxing pace.

If you cruise during the summer make sure that you are ready to expect at least 22 hours of daylight. I was surprised when the deck crew started to close down the pool and looking at my watch I found it was nine o'clock with the sun still high in the sky. Sunset pictures are taken on the boat could happen at 1130 at night, so you may have to adjust your biological clock to be more of a night owl if you go on this type voyage.

The stop in Estonia is only six hours. The only thing of interest is the old town area. The rest of the country is developing towards an industrial age and climbing towards a rating outside of the Third World status it has now. One thing Estonia does have and is beneficial if you use the Internet a lot is that the entire country is wired for wireless Internet. Just take your laptop off the ship upon the dock and you can pick up wireless service anywhere you want to go. Beware of providing personal information while you do so, the country is notorious for Internet piracy and Internet fraud.

The next stop is St. Petersburg, Russia. Be careful what excursion you choose because you will not be allowed to go alone inside the city without an escort if you do not have a visa. The congestion and traffic is very bad and you spend more time trying to get to and from your destination then actually spending time there. Crime, pickpocketing, and assaults are common in the city and it is best to be with a died who knows their way around and knows how to avoid trouble.

Out of the three cities visited, Stockholm is the most pleasant. Stockholm is a clean city that is rich in history and has a population that is friendly and outgoing. It is a party town for the young so don't be surprised if you hear loud noises coming from your hotel room in the street at two or three clock in the morning. With the sun always shining, you really have to look at the clock to see if it's two in the afternoon or two in the morning.

All in all, a cruise in the Baltic Sea is a unique twist to normal cruise destinations. The only sun you will get will be on the deck of the ship because the beaches are filled with Russian and Estonian natives trying to soak up the sun while they have a chance.


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