Beach Activities For All Ages

Family fun at the beach!

All ages can have fun at the beach!
All ages can have fun at the beach! | Source

Fun At The Beach!

I love this question because I love the beach! We go to the gulf coast of Florida for a family reunion every March and to Grand Haven, MI on the beach on Lake MI a couple of times a year.

Some of these activities will require a little planning - the crafts may require glue, etc. So plan now and have more fun later!

1. Beach Combing: Looking for shells, sea glass and bits of driftwood is one of my favorite things to do, especially on Captiva and Sanibel Islands in Florida. The shelling there is fantastic. If you're at the beach for a vacation, there may be a rainy day - use your saved shells to make a pencil holder by gluing the small ones to a Solo cup, or a wooden photo frame (found at a thrift shop or craft store).

2. Treasure Hunting: Last year i purchased a metal detector and the grandkids and I had great fun looking for 'treasure'. We didn't get rich and only found a couple bucks in change, but we had a lot of fun. We found a few old metal name plates. I also think we helped the environment when we removed about a hundred beer cans in Destin, Florida. Too bad that state doesn't take deposits on those cans!

Nature treasure hunting: Investigate tide pools or water creatures and plants.

3. People watching. Most people don't think they're that interesting, but most folks are given half a chance.

4. Build sand castles. This is something that's more fun to do with kids, but you can have fun building them all on your own too.

5. Beach Party! Get a few friends together, borrow a boom box and pack a lunch. Dancing and singing on the beach is great fun and a very good stress reliever!

6. Clean-up patrol. The grandkids and I gathered a whole trash bag full of cans, paper and broken plastic toys from the beach one day. I know it doesn't sound like much fun, but it was because we had a chance to talk and one grandson found a cool pair of sunglasses.

7. Frisbee, kite flying, wave boarding, volleyball, catch (any ball will do)!

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Charmaine T 8 years ago

Great ideas, pat. I'll try the clean-up patrol. It sounds more environmental-friendly, productive, and fun! thanks!

Elusen profile image

Elusen 8 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

Small world. My father lives in SW Florida where I visit once or twice a year - wish I was there now, and I live near Lake Michigan close to TC. Beaches are great!!

ocbill profile image

ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

sand castles yes!!..although, my little one likes to collect the seashells and make them talk. nice hub..Thanks

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