What's it like to live in New York?


New York, New York so good they named it twice. One of the most popular places to travel to in the world, New York is the first place many people think of when they are planning a trip to the United States of America. But what is it like to live in New York?

A tourist spot

Taking a holiday to New York will certainly give you an idea of the day to day life in New York city, and allow you to take in the hustle and bustle, the bright lights, the fast pace of life and the yellow taxi cabs on every corner. It’s likely during a holiday you’ll visit some of the tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building, all of which will be in close proximity to your hotel. You may have had a recommendation from a friend about a great restaurant to go to in New York, or read on the web somewhere of a lesser known Jazz club to visit. But being caught in the tourist trap, would you really see the side of New York that the citizens enjoy and endure on a daily basis?

Try before you buy

One way to see the real side of New York life is to participate in a house swap. With a house swap New York will be delivered to you through the eyes of a person who usually lives there, who will allow you to stay in their home and be able to tell you the places to see and avoid around town. Without the luxury of full board or bed and breakfast facilities, but with the freedom to cater for yourself, you’ll be able to find out what it’s like to get groceries, eat out on a budget or where to go for laundry services. Sites like http://www.lovehomeswap.com can put you in touch with home owners all over the world, including New York, who you can chat to before you travel and pick their brains for tips and cheats to making the most of New York.


Getting inside information

If you are looking to stay in New York for longer than just a holiday, a house swap is also a cheaper way to get out there and look for work or somewhere to live long term. House Swapping will allow you to try out different areas, from city centre to the outskirts, to decide whether you feel safe and happy there before making the big move.

Getting used to the food in New York is tough too, if you like healthy eating you’ll need to be able to look past the saturated high streets full of fast food sellers and ask around for the best vegan, vegetarian and salad bars as well as learning where the best places are to buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

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Would you like to live in New York? 4 comments

Steven Jay profile image

Steven Jay 4 years ago from Goose Creek South Carolina

I can sum up my answer in one work: expensive.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn - if you want to experience NYC, spend two weeks living in Brighton Beach, Flushing, Parkchester, or Clove Lake. Shop with the locals; eat with the locals; go to the post office with the locals; and, do your laundry with the locals. Then see if you want to live there.

mehakk-80 profile image

mehakk-80 4 years ago from india

Great Information....well done!!

fedemenzed profile image

fedemenzed 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanks for your comment Steven - it's good to know experiences from alternative sources!

fedemenzed profile image

fedemenzed 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanks Mehakk

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