Wheel Of Misfortune??

Wheel Of Misfortune.

I pause in my journey
to the grave of my friend,
to commemorate his birthday
in a mid-December snowfall.

The trees are skeletons
beyond the gate
coated in white.

It is as if the bones,
buried far below,
have pressed their
way outward to taste ....

....once more the sweet air of life.

All is purified
and hidden deep
under a thick blanket
woven by mother nature,
but my feet
know the path well.

His stone soon looms
above the thickening drifts,
but windblown snow
obscures all but part
of his epitaph.

His name and  the

inscription which once read:

Harold S. Nottingham
was laid to rest here,
born: September 5th, 1951
Died: in Vietnam
January 11th, 1971
forever cherished.

now reads:

Harold S Not

So I turned to go,
whispering "Semper Fi, Harry."
to a long closed chapter
of another time,
cryptically comforting me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III-A.Y.Studio-©1982

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