Why Should You Travel With Your Children?

Going on a trip can be very fun, educational and even inspiring for children and even us adults. The world out there is big and there are many new places to see and we can get to discover new and unfamiliar things. Discovering is an invaluable experience and it adds color to our lives. For children, the benefits are even more pronounced. Travelling can benefit both adults and children more so than any classroom lessons can give.

Travel is one of the best ways a parent can help to develop and grow their children into balanced well-rounded adults. I have brought my son to many places since he was 7 months old and even at a young age, he was able to feel the difference in the cultures and lifestyles that he sees overseas. He has been able to experienced different cultures, food and people, which have made him much more exposed to the bigger world out there. He often speaks about our travels and he is able to explain the difference between the cultures in different countries.

Of course bringing young children on a trip can be a logistical nightmare and coping with the children’s tantrums can be very exhausting as well. But if you can plan to be more flexible with your schedule and not be too fixated about what sights you must catch everyday, you will be able to enjoy the trip just as much as your child. Some preparations and willingness to adjust your itinerary to meet your little one’s feeding and sleeping hours will go a long way. But sometimes you can break the rules a bit. I remembered eating beef tartare and green-lipped mussels in white wine in Paris at midnight with my 4 year-old son then :) He was still wide eyed and enjoying the buzz around him. I believed it was a café near Champs-Elysées, Paris.

Traveling With Young Children

Traveling will expose the child to new things, new sights, new sounds and even for a toddler, the stimulation brought about by these new experiences will also have a positive effect for the child. For slightly older kids, new places and new cultures will positively influenced the child to learn more about the history and culture of the new place. Some young kids become fascinated with the different types of food in the new countries that they visit that they start to learn about new words about new vegetables or produce. They also become more adventurous in trying new foods and will not become too sheltered when they grow up, becoming adults whom always shun new types of food.

Being in a new place will also increase your child’s sense of curiosity and he or she will want to try out new food or new experiences. Things that they may sometimes be too timid to try at home. They will also start to question, to wonder, to test new things and about the new place that they are in. This will also boost their learning as they become more curious.

Young children’s learning will also come to life when you are able to bring them to experience the actual thing they have been taught in school. A farm stay in Australia or New Zealand will allow our urbanized children to know what is a lamb and what is that cow from which his or her milk comes from. Bringing them to see the Eiffel Tower will also allow them to appreciate the grandness of the man-made wonder. You can also bring them to very different cultures such as going to China, where they can interact with children from a Chinese background. Your children will be able to appreciate the Chinese language and be able to learn more about the Chinese people psyche. As he or she grows up, maybe he or she will ask to learn even more about Chinese people and will find an appeal to the Chinese culture.

Some skeptics will say that they do not see any noticeable difference in their children after a trip to overseas. The difference can be minute but every time your child gets to be exposed to these experiences, he or she will build a solid foundation for the future.

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