Wild Time At The Dinner Table !

Feeding the Wild !

Do you enjoy seeing the wild animals having a feed ? There are places all over Australia where you can watch this happen.

We visited the Malcom Douglas Crocodile Park where we watched the crocodiles fighting over the meat thrown to them ! It is an amazing site if you can get there or any crocodile parks .

Crocodiles eat meat or pretty much anything that will get close enough to the water to be dragged in. The adult when in the wild usually eat snakes, buffalo, cattle, or anything else that gets near the water. Including humans. The juveniles eat insects, shellfish and fish.

At the Wildlife Park they are fed meat .

Feeding Nemo!

Nemo & his mates !
Nemo & his mates !

Nemo & mates

We came across Nemo & his mates being fed at One Arm Point near Cape Leveque in WA.

Nemo or clown fish eat Plankton, Algae and some Shellfish.

A markerone arm point wa -
One Arm Point Rd, Dampier Peninsula WA 6725, Australia
[get directions]

Fish Feeding Frenzy

Fish Feeding at Kununurra
Fish Feeding at Kununurra
A markerkununurra -
Kununurra WA 6743, Australia
[get directions]

Come to Kununurra & enjoy fish feeding or fishing on the lake or the Ord River

Crocodile dinner time

A markerBroome -
Broome WA, Australia
[get directions]

Visit the Crocodiles at Malcom Douglas Wildlife Park about 18 k out of Broome. It is well worth the visit.

Shark Feeding

Shark Feeding

Shark Feeding

We watched Shark Feeding at a park in Shark Bay . There was also baramundi feeding to watch there !

Snake Feeding

Years ago while I was a Nanny one of the jobs was feeding a snake ! I have no photo's from that time , however below is a video of snake feeding live !

Feeding A Snake

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