Worlds Most Expensive Hotel –The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

I think the promoters of this hotel haven’t heard of the ongoing global recession. Who in their right mind would build a hotel worth almost 5.95 Billion Dollars!!!Whew!! Talk about ambition. Whether the hotel is a failure or a success, their names shall be etched in history for raising such an edifice. In the bargain, it has replaced the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi as the most expensive hotel in the world. Well, seems like this game of one-upmanship among humans is going to continue and shall be responsible for such magnificent structures even in the future.

Well, so what are its unique features? The most impressive one is its swimming pool on the 55th floor, called the Infinity Pool, is one of the most amazing pools anyone would have ever seen. The pool is 150 M long, making it three times the size of an Olympic Sized pool (50 M). The pool drops of at the edge into a three tiered cachement which pumps the water back to the pool. Amazing and looks scary too.

Some other features are a boat shaped sky park on top of the three towers. Each room would cost approximately $520 per night. For more information on this visit the hotels site at Marina Bay Singapore.

Well have a look and admire human creativity, ingenuity and audacity.

The infinity Pool

Infinity is Apt!!!
Infinity is Apt!!!

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HappyHer profile image

HappyHer 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH

That looks like a gorgeous hotel to spend time in! Thank you for presenting it.

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movingfinger 6 years ago Author

You are absolutely correct...One day.. I shall swim in "Infinity" :)

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