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How to Get Out of LaGuardia Airport

Taking a flight to New York City is easy, getting out of the airport once you're in New York City? Not so much, if you are a new visitor. In fact it is totally confusing. One of the things that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are doing to help confused first-time and business visitors is to install Welcome Centers. The Port Authority of NY and NJ are the agencies that operate the city's airports. These Welcome Centers are brightly lit spaces located on the arrivals level of the airport terminals where you can ask as many questions as you want from a red jacketed host or hostess. In fact there could be several individuals at the arrivals terminal in red jackets sporting a blue "Customer Care" button, I encourage you to ask them for information because they are helpful and will give you an answer or direct you to a person that can give you an answer.

The red jacketed hosts or hostesses can tell you what your public transportation options are, other ground transportation information such as shuttles, shared ride vans, private car services, and taxis, connecting airport information if you need to go to either JFK Airport or Newark Airport, and so forth. They will have plenty of subway and bus maps and even some tourist information of some of the best sights to visit in New York, of which there are so many. All the transportation information that the hosts and hostesses provide you are for official and authorized businesses. Once you get to LaGuardia Airport, there may be a person who will ask you if you need a ride; if they are not wearing a red jacket or uniform, they are unauthorized to do business at the airport. All authorized transportation options and other information are available from the Welcome Center.

A Welcome Center at a terminal in LaGuardia Airport
A Welcome Center at a terminal in LaGuardia Airport

Traveling From One Terminal to Another

For most people, LaGuardia Airport is a shock. Not only is it crazy busy, but the terminals, except for C and D are not connected. There are four terminals: A (also called the Marine Terminal), B (also considered as the Main or Central Terminal), C and D. Terminal A houses the Delta Shuttle flights to Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC. Delta operates all non-shuttle flights out of Terminals C and D. In addition to Delta, Terminal C also has flights for US Airways and WestJet. All other airlines operate from Terminal B.

If you arrive in LaGuardia Airport at one terminal and need to take a connection to another airline at another terminal there are two shuttle buses, Shuttles A and B that go around the airport. Shuttle A is the longer and more complete route because it includes a stop at Terminal A (aka Marine Terminal) which is a slight distance from all the other terminals. If you are making a connection for any Delta Shuttle flight, you must take Terminal A. Shuttle B skips Terminal A and is therefore a faster way to get to your airline connection at other terminals. There is no cost to use the shuttles. Check with the Welcome Center or red jacketed host/hostess for additional information.

Keep in mind that when you go from one terminal to another in LaGuardia, you have effectively left a secured area, so you will have to go through another TSA screening at the connection terminal. This means that if you bought a liquid over 3 ounces at one of the shops prior to the connection, you'll have to check in a new bag containing that liquid or get rid of that liquid because they will not allow that liquid as part of your carryon items.

Public Transportation

You cannot take a subway directly out of LaGuardia Airport. Your public transportation options are five buses that can take you to your final destination or at least a subway station where you can take a train to your final destination. It is important that you have a MetroCard or enough coins to pay for the fare; the buses do not take dollar bills.

The MetroCard is what the New Yorker uses to pay for a bus or subway ride instead of money. It is a stored value card, which means that you can put in any amount of money in the card and each time you "swipe" the MetroCard in the bus or on the turnstyle, it will deduct the price of the fare. Inside the terminals are vending machines that can sell you a MetroCard or stores that are authorized to sell you a MetroCard. There are also machines inside the terminals that can change your dollar bills for coins. The advantage to buying a MetroCard is not only the convenience, but that it saves you money. Any transfers from bus to subway are included with the MetroCard; the turnstyle will recognize that you already paid for the bus fare and will allow you transit into the subway platform. If you were to pay for the bus with change, you will have to pay another fare at the subway station for the subway ride. Bus to bus transfers are free and you will get a transfer card when you request it from the bus driver.

  • The Q70 is the best way to get to LaGuardia airport. It's a new route, which started on September 8, 2013. What makes it best? It's the most direct way to LaGuardia. This bus makes only two stop in Queens; at 61st Street near the Long Island Railroad station and at 74th St on Roosevelt Avenue right outside the train station. After that stop it goes directly to LaGuardia. The Q70 replaced the Q33 (which no longer goes to the airport) and it gets to the airport at half the time.
  • M60 - the final stop is 125th Street in Manhattan. Goes through Astoria, the Bronx, and finally Manhattan. Most people take this bus into Manhattan and take another bus, subway, or taxi to their final destination in the the borough of Manhattan.
  • Q48 - the final stop is Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue where a passenger can connect with the 7 subway line to Grand Central and Times Square in Manhattan and other buses to Queens
  • Q72 - the final stop is near Queens Boulevard and Junction Boulevard and a subway station where a passenger can take the M or R line to Manhattan and other areas of Queens.
  • The Q47 can only be taken from Terminal A and ride it to the final stop at 74th Street/Jackson Heights, a major subway station where passengers can take the E, F, M, R, and 7 subway lines to Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. You can also connect for other buses that can take you to other parts of Queens.

All Other Ground Transportation

To JFK Airport, your options are:

  • NYC Airporter
  • ETS Airport Shuttle (which is a shared ride van service)
  • Taxi
  • Car Service/Limo

Check with the Welcome Center for more information.

To Newark Liberty Airport, your options are:

  • All County Express (which is a shared ride van service)
  • ETS Airport Shuttle (another shared ride van service)
  • Taxi
  • Car Service/Limo

Check the Welcome Center at the terminal for more information

To Manhattan:

  • NYC Airporter: from LaGuardia Airport to Penn Station, Grand Central Station, and Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • Go Airlink Shuttle (a shared van ride)
  • Super Shuttle (a shared van ride)
  • Private Car/Limo
  • Taxi

Check with the Welcome Center or hosts/hostesses for current information. For outside New York City destinations, such as Long Island, Westchester, or New Jersey, the Welcome Center will provide you with your options.

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mwatkins 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

Wow, this is so helpful! Thank you for your info! you have truly done a great job in presenting this most confusing airport information!

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Your welcome mwatkins! I'm glad you found it helpful.

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Do you know whether there is a MetroCard Vending Machine in the Delta Terminal?

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Flightkeeper 4 years ago from The East Coast Author

There might not be one. If the Delta Terminal doesn't have a small store that sells metro cards then it should have a change machine where you can exchange dollars into quarter for the public buses.

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