Your Best Holiday Travel Hair Dryers

Travel Hair Dryers

When you book your holiday hotel, whether it is a short stay or long stay holiday,one of the first things people want to know is do they have hair dryers?Nowadays most hotels do have, but frequently they don't seem to come up to scratch.

Are you fed up with rubbish hotel dryers?Most of the time they just aren't powerful enough, and sometimes the don't work at all. To be honest I have yet to find a great hair dryer and many hotel reviews back this up.

Five Top Tips

So you are on holiday and the last thing you need is a bad hair day. We all like to travel light, but the best answer is to use a travel hair dryer.

  • Choose the lightest possible. especially when space and weight of your luggage is at a premium.
  • As your time on holiday is precious choose a powerful motor to dry your hair as quickly as possible.
  • Choose a good travel hair dryers with dual voltage, and you will be able to use it where ever you are.
  • Consider buying your travel hairdryer from the country you are holidaying in, if you are a frequent visitor there.
  • Read as many reviews as you can to avoid any pitfalls.

Braun sport
Braun sport

Sports Hair Dryers

Sports Hair Dryers. These sports hairdryers are handy for travel and for sport types especially swimming.

They are very compact ,and Braun actually makes a dryer without a handle, these are powerful enough to dry your quickly and designed for people on the go.

Compact Micro Hair Dryers

Obviously the smaller the hair dryer the better it will be for travelling purposes. Micro travel hair dryers are some of the smallest and compact travel hair dryers you can buy

Although small, these are powerful hairdryers , that will have full length power cords and the variable heat and speed settings you would expect from a well made and respected brand.

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shubham 6 years ago

i gonna buy it

melissa07 profile image

melissa07 4 years ago

Thanks for the article! I have a Karmin G3 Salon Pro Professional hair dryer and it's got dual voltage and a lightweight so it's perfect for travelling. It's powerful too and super healthy for my hair :)

ronaldoh profile image

ronaldoh 4 years ago from England Author

Thanks for your comments melissa , hairdryers are important for many folk.

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