Review: Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula with Gap Adventures (Part 1 of 4)

After graduating from my teaching program, I had the strong urge to travel somewhere—anywhere. I knew that it was the perfect time to explore a bit of the world. I no longer had school commitments and was not yet tied down to a permanent job that would prevent me from acting spontaneous. Where did I want to go? Mexico.

Why Mexico?

In March, I had planned to teach English in Chile. My flights were booked, I was learning some key Spanish phrases, and I had begun packing my bags—figuring out how to fit my essentials with school supplies into two bags. However, after news of the Chilean earthquake on Feb. 27, my program was cancelled. I was disappointed, and yet I still wanted to go to some hot place and practice my Spanish.

Beach at the ruins at Tulum, Mexico.
Beach at the ruins at Tulum, Mexico. | Source

Checking out flight prices on various airline sites and travel packages on the Gap Adventures website (, I settled for Mexico. It was the end of April and my Mexican adventure to the Yucatan Peninsula would begin on May 29th.

Why Gap Adventures?

In the summer of 2009, I ventured off to Europe by myself with just a backpack. However, on my trip, I met some amazing people, many of whom I still keep in touch. Quite a few people in the hostels mentioned Gap Adventures—some people had even gone on several trips with them.

Because I was not fluent in Spanish (still not but improving!) and was not sure how safe Mexico is for solo women travelers, I decided traveling with a group would be the best option.

The Trip

The Yucatan Panorama trip starts in Cancún, makes stops at numerous Mayan ruins and ends on Isla Mujeres (a short ferry ride away from Cancún). We visited Chichén Itzá, Mérida, Palenque and Tulúm. In just 10 days, this trip covers quite a distance.

Please note: The details and experiences described in this hub pertain to the trip I took in May 2010. Gap Adventures can change its trips at any time.

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Gap Adventures: Yucatan Panorama

show route and directions
A markerCancun -
Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
[get directions]

Arrive at the airport. Visit the markets and the beach.

B markerMerida -
Mérida Municipality, Yucatán, Mexico
[get directions]

A great place to shop. Visit and swim in cenotes (sink holes) in the area.

C markerChichen Itza -
[get directions]

Mayan ruins

D markerPalenque -
Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
[get directions]

Visit Mayan ruins in the jungle.

E markerTulum -
Tulum Municipality, Quintana Roo, Mexico
[get directions]

Beautiful beaches and more ruins

F markerIsla Mujeres -
Isla Mujeres
[get directions]

Paradise at the beach

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