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Recently bought a time share on Feb 6th, 2011. Went to the contract office today on Feb 7th and...

told we would lose our deposit of 30% down by cancelling, plus closing cost. Today is a holiday in Mexico so the post office is not open to send our cancellation notice in the mail. I have two questions, 1) still being within the 5 days from time of purchase can I get my deposit back. Secondly is I have been told that the post office will take many days or weeks to delived the certified mail. Am i covered if the mailing of the certified cancellation notice is documented on the date at post office is within 5 days. Or does the facility that sold us the contract need to receive in 5 days.

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MickS says

6 years ago
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Robert Francis Steffke (Bob Francis) says

3 years ago
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TransferAmerica says

6 years ago
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itsameanoldscene says

5 years ago
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