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How do you pay a parking ticket in Spain?

Last weekend my boyfriend and I rented a car in Lisbon, Portugal and drove to Madrid, Spain. We left the rental car not far from our hotel which was located in the Chamberí area. We looked for any parking restrictions but didn't see any. The next morning when we returned to our rental car, we found a parking ticket for €90. We don't know what the violation is nor how we can pay it. There are no websites or phone numbers listed on the ticket. Does anyone know how to pay a parking ticket in Spain?

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James Paterson (jimmythejock) says

4 years ago
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WhydThatHappen says

4 years ago
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    Anna (Global-Chica) 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for doing this research! It seems like I'll need to go to the town hall but the problem w/ that is that I was in Madrid on Saturday when it was closed and now I’m thousands of miles away in Angola. So I need another alternative.