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I am headed to Dublin, Bray, Wicklow and Drogheda Ireland? What American good do Irish people want?

I am a picker, so I wonder what Americana is valuable in Ireland? I know that Claddagh rings, and woolen scarves are sought after over here. What American things do Irish people want and can anyone think of anything else that Americans seek from Ireland? Also, if there is something absolutely beautiful that I must see feel free to chime in with that.

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Best Answer Emunah La Paz (swilliams) says

2 years ago
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    Sarah Wolfe (citywolf) 2 years ago

    Thank you, I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy my travel articles. Trinkets would be easy to acquire :) I read another thread where people were talking about southern whiskey and peanut butter. I have an Australian friend who adores peanut butter.

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Kathleen Cochran says

2 years ago
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Maria Janta-Cooper (jantamaya) says

2 years ago
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