are motorcycles illegal


Are motorcycles illegal?

Today motorcycles are legal, meaning one may ride, or be conveyed on, his or her licensed motor driven bike on public streets and highways and not have to be concerned about getting "written up" for a violation.

However, that may soon change. Complaints about motorcycle noise are on the rise. Motorists and pedestrians alike are complaining more and more about motorcycles not being required and regulated by law to comply with noise polluting regulations comparable to those of automobiles.

Complaints of non-muffled motorcycle noise being the direct causes of accidents have been reported by motorists as they drove their automobile on public highways and literally lost control of their senses when one or more loud noise blasting motorcycles darted by them producing such blatant noise that it literally caused them to careen off the highway. A recent annual motorcycle parade, that continued non-stop for the greater part of a morning, containing hundreds of non-muffled bikes, on a mission of sorts, came roaring along a local state highway disturbing the peace so severely with blaring, bellowing, and loud popping noises, that some residents chose to leave and distance themselves from their roadside homes rather than be forced to tolerate "such a loud invasive nuisance". A mandatory law for motorcycles to be equipped with conventional "motor noise reducing" muffler systems, is likely to be passed by lawmakers soon.

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Paraglider profile image

Paraglider 8 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

Not comparing like with like, but in Dubai the traffic authorities answer to cyclists (pedal cyclists) being hit by lunatic drivers was - ban the cyclists.

pylos26 8 years ago

hey paraglider

your country's ( assuming your country is Dubai) answers would surely solve the problem. actually i have nothing against bikes, just their frickin noise. thanks for your attention and comments.

Paraglider profile image

Paraglider 8 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

Well, I'd have banned the cars, as a better solution! Dubai was 'home' for a few years but now Qatar. Next year, who knows...

pylos26 profile image

pylos26 7 years ago from America Author

Dude...operating a motor vehicle without a muffler when passing another vehicle is not unlike crapping on the recepient you're are piling a heap of unsuitable blarring noise on another whether that person wants it ot not. Try thinking of it as no protection for the "unwanting" from extreme motor noise pollution.

Kevin 6 years ago

The catch 22 is, without emitting noise, motorcyclists are more likely to be hit by drivers who don't expect a motorcycle due to their limited visibility.

pylos26 profile image

pylos26 6 years ago from America Author

good point kevin...

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