bathrooms in restaurants and hotels

My experience in bathrooms

I have been in many bathrooms all over the world and I am going to talk about them right now. I have seen all different ones. Some are really amazing and some are pretty bad.

I have seen bad bathrooms in beautiful hotels and restaurants and have seen beautiful bathrooms in awful gas stations. There are many different ones. That is for sure. It is very interesting.

A great example is of a great bathroom is in Cannes, France. The toilets there have rotating plastic covers that automatically cover the toilet seats right before you sit down on the seat. Very, very sanitary. Really quite amazing and impressive.  

     Another nice bathroom in a very surprising place was at a Chevron in Rancho Mirage, California.  The gas station looks like a standard gas station but the bathroom is amazing.  It has large nice tiles on the floor and  the walls.  It is also very clean.

      A nice bathroom is also in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Mandalay Hotel at the Rum Jungle bathrooms.  They are very nice and clean.


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