Boutique Luxury Hotels

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Boutique Luxury Hotels

What Are These?

Staying in 5-star luxury hotels is very costly, and not everybody can do so. Although it'll be better if we could, many tourist would rather stay in 'not-so-luxurious' hotels and even bed-and-breakfast establishments. Luckily, now there are better alternatives, like boutique luxury hotels.

Boutique luxury hotels are small hotels featuring a specific theme, hence the term boutique. While most of them are pretty much more affordable, they still have that classy luxurious feel you long about in large 5-star hotels, well this is simply because they're smaller, and hence they've got more resources to focus on each room.

Each of these hotel is unique and not to mention, exclusive. Many has that romantic theme, suitable for a usual life getaway with your partner. Many provide themes ideal for business travel, with some even focusing on the old-fashion style of comfort.

Boutique Luxury Hotels Vs Others

Sooner or later when you're out of town, you're going to have to decide where you'll stay. Luckily, listed below are some of the reasons why you should go for boutique luxury hotels instead of chain hotels or other inns.

  • They're smaller. Since these hotels are often smaller than chain hotels, expect to experience better service. Also, despite the size, many boutique hotels offer facilities such as bars and restaurants, spas and lounges, and sometimes even pools for some rest and recreation.
  • More value for money. The price of staying in boutique hotels varies, some may be downright affordable, while some may require a little more spending on your part. Whatever it is however, expect that the services and rooms are worth it, well more than what you would have gotten if you chose to stay in a chain hotel. Take note that while these are affordable, they're not cheap. You won't be sharing rooms with anyone, not like in hostels or some inns.
  • Less crowded. The capacity of boutique hotels vary from about 10-40 to about a hundred. A hotel with a smaller capacity would mean less crowding of key facilities.

Getting A Boutique Hotel Tips

Choosing a boutique hotel to stay isn't always an easy choice, and hence here are some tips to help you pick the right one when you need to:

  • Finalize on what theme you would want. There are a lot of them to choose from, and though this would primary depend on what you came there for, it would be nice to choose something away from it once in a while. Like, when you're there for the honeymoon, go for a theme both of you enjoys and not simply hearts and stuff. If however you're there just to stay for the night, then maybe go for a theme that help you do R to &R.
  • Set a budget prior and don't go overboard it. Of course, it's always better to go for something right within your budget. If the boutique hotel you'll want is way above your budget, then maybe it'll be better if you could find a new one. Honestly, you shouldn't use all your vacation money on hotels as you'll need them to buy stuff like souvenirs or so.

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