City Distance Calculator

Using a city distance calculator can be very helpful.
Using a city distance calculator can be very helpful.

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City Distance Calculator

These, like what their name suggests, are special programs (or sites) that offer information about how far cities are in between. These are used primarily for travel preparations and urban planning (as well as to satisfy curiosity).

How Do These Work?

There are a lot of variations about how these city distance calculators work. One mechanism uses a database of city locations, in a manner where cities are pinpointed to its proper coordinates (like using a GPS). Once you've entered two cities, it automatically calculates how far the two are from each other.

Others work by using maps. Map based distance calculators can even know how long you'll get to your destination using different roads. These are particularly handy when you're going for a long drive.

Here's an example of one using the coordinates method, you can calculate here about city distances in Australia.

Why Is It Important To Know Distances Between Cities?

Well the answer to this question seems to be a bit obvious: It'll help you with all the preparations! Listed below are some of the most important reasons why people use these calculators:

  • It lets you plan ahead for travel. Knowing how far your destination is very important especially if you're traveling by car. It allows you to plan for gas budget, evaluate the need for a place to stay, or even to know how long you will drive. Also, it'll help you decide what kind of travel preps your car would need, like a new tire or having your brake checked. It lets you know how long of an adventure you'll take, whether you will need to bring a trailer or not, or how much food would you bring. It pretty much affects everything that you'll need actually.
  • You'll know where the nearest attractions are. If you're a tourist (well, most tourists use these calcs) using a travel distance calculator will help you know where to go next. Getting this kind of information is pretty much useful as it helps you become more efficient about using your time.
  • Avoid common tourist scams. These are pretty common, as most visitors do not know anything about distances and such in the place they're about to visit. What happens here is that cab drivers (commonly) take advantage by pooling around different areas before even going to their actual destination. This causes the tourists to actually overpay, usually way more than what it would have really cost.
  • It'll give you information about the mileage. For car enthusiasts, these are very important. But if you're not really worried about these, it's still pretty much good to know.

In the end, it'll still be up to you if you'll include a city distance calculator in your traveling prep standards. While it's not required, it has proven itself to be really helpful. So it's much better if you'll take a look at how far it is and have it noted. You'll never know, maybe you'll need it. Have fun!

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ladydeonne profile image

ladydeonne 3 years ago from Florence, SC

You make a good case for using city distance calculators. Great tips and information. Voted up and useful.

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 3 years ago from California

Always use calculators now. Once ended up at Craters of the Moon park in Idaho because I miscalculated the distance from our home to Yellowstone. We would have arrive in Yellowstone whole day early, without reservations, hence the side trip to Craters of the Moon.

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