Counting Your Stars

Age is a weird thing, and as time continues to pass I've felt more and more curious about it all. This October, I celebrated my birthday. In many ways, I still feel like I'm 21. And according to some gracious friends and family, I look it too. Which is awesome!

So then what does this whole 'getting older' thing really mean? I feel the same, although I've changed. Apparently I look about the same, although I'm older. I am a little more mature now, but I take things less seriously. Wait, am I supposed to be doing something different? I caught myself judging the life I'm living: why am I not married, why do some of my peers have kids already? Am I supposed to be settled down with a 9-5 job, and a white picket fence?

Hmmm..perhaps it isn't my place to have all the answers to these existential questions. Maybe the 'what ifs' are there to drive people mad. Sure, life isn't quite where I imagined it would be at this time.. but it's right where it should be. It's right where my guts want it to be. Or destiny, or whatever. Otherwise it would be different, right? Perhaps one day, when all the pieces fall into place, I'll look back and know it was meant to happen this way. For now, I can smile and know that I have left no dream un-chased. And I'm proud of that.
My birthday month was filled with the following beautiful moments, of which I'm ever so grateful:

*A three day trip to northern Israel, filled with a visit to a Druze village, the Syrian and Lebanese border, a kibbutz view of the stunning Sea of Galilee, hiking and nature trails galore, and an adorable surprise filled breakfast put on by my lovely room mates.

*Yummy Italian dinner in Tel Aviv with my extended family, including gluten free pasta (who would have thunk it?!)

*Shabbat cooking and communal dinner with friends from my program, filled with Indian food, quinoa, burgers, and chocolate chip cookies. Great combination.

*An awesome bar night with loved ones, where I enjoyed my favorite music, and chocolate souffle with ice cream and fire work candles! This all took place after a smoothie and sushi dinner, of course.

*A bachelorette party for my beautiful cousin. When rain ruined our horse back riding plans, we ended up enjoying our day on a Carmel Winery tour and tasting in Zichron Ya'akov. Then we topped the day off shopping and dining at a delicious restaurant down the boardwalk.

*Back To The Future screening in Tel Aviv. What a fantastic movie, never gets old!

*Incredibly memorable out door concerts with some of my favorite Israeli artists: Shalom Chanoch, Aviv Gefen, and Evyatar Banai. I may have teared up during each show.. hearing the music live felt like a dream come true. And through it all, I counted all my lucky stars, which moved gently through the night sky.
Enjoy the hand picked music below. Also I know it's been a rough week for many, so please stay safe and warm. For past musicallyinclined articles, click here.

MGMT - Congratulations

Citizen Cope - Back Together

Tegan & Sara - Relief Next To Me


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