Famous Landmarks in Argentina

Some of the Most famous Argentina Tourist Attractions

Argentina is known for having many breathtaking landmarks, so many actually, that it is almost impossible to list even a bit portion of them in a single hub. So here I will list five of the most famous landmarks of Argentina. This list, of course, is a subjective one. There are some obvious choices that I had to leave behind. This was not because I consider the ones mentioned in this hub superior to them, but because I have already written other hubs about them. So, please check: Argentina: Sights and Perito Moreno Glacier Argentina to see more famous Argentine attractions.

Obelisco - Buenos Aires famous argentina landmark
Obelisco - Buenos Aires famous argentina landmark

Buenos Aires's Obelisk

El Obelisco is the most famous icon of Buenos Aires and a favorite picture postcard of the city. It was built in 1936 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the first founding of the city by Pedro de Mendoza. The obelisk of Buenos Aires is a popular place for political demonstrations or victory celebrations of football teams fans.

Mount Fitz Roy
Mount Fitz Roy

Mount Fitz Roy - a Must in Any Patagonia Trip

Mount Fitz Roy was named by the Perito Moreno in honor to the Beagle’s Captain Patrick Fitzroy who explored this part of Patagonia together with Darwin in the nineteen century. The mount Fitz Roy is 3405m high and it is one of the most challenging summits for climbers from all around the world.

Tren de las nubes, La Polvorilla viaduct.
Tren de las nubes, La Polvorilla viaduct.

Train to the clouds - Salta

The Train to the Clouds was originally built to connect Argentina to Chile in 1930. Constructing this viaduct in the middle of the Andes was without doubt an impressive engineering task. This viaduct, known as La Polvorilla, is located at 4220m (13850ft) above sea level, and is 70m high and 224m long. Nowadays the Train to the Clouds runs a daily tourist trip up to La Polvorilla and then back to the city of Salta.

Talampaya Canion an impressive Argentine Landmark in La Rioja province.
Talampaya Canion an impressive Argentine Landmark in La Rioja province.

Talampaya Canyon - La Rioja

The Talampaya national park, located in la Rioja province, was declared a HUNESCO world heritage site in year 2000. It consists of a beautiful but semiarid landscape formed by the action of wind and rain in a desert climate. Besides the red walls of this impressive gorge full of fanciful forms, there are in the park important palaeontological sites.

Ischigualasto: a Famous Landmark in Argentina

Ischigualasto & Valley of the Moon - Cuyo

Ischigualasto is a natural provincial park located in the province of San Juan. It consists of strange rock formations modelled by the wind in the arid Pampean hills near the frontier with Chile. Besides the rock formation, Ischigualasto is considered a treasure for palaeontologists because it contains some of the oldest known dinosaur remains.


I hope this list help you to know a little more about famous landmarks in Argentina.

The photos in this hub are courtesy of: Obelisco: Anahitxt, Mount Fitz Roy: longhorndave, and Talampaya and Train to the Clouds: Alicia Nijdam.

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