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    Mr Suicideposted 16 months ago

    What do you think about tourist souvenirs? Is it a trash or a memorable thing? What are good souvenirs you had taken for yourself? And what is the finest/the most stupid souvenir was presented to you?

    1. Castlepaloma profile image27
      Castlepalomaposted 16 months ago in reply to this

      To be given anything, at least there was some thought behind it.

      More curious, how did you come up with a code name, Mr. Suicide?

      Welcome to Hubpages

  2. colorfulone profile image90
    colorfuloneposted 16 months ago

    I bring a camera wherever I go and take photos, I guess they could be likened to souvenirs.

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    SonyaFlowerposted 16 months ago

    Some souvenirs are very costly, because it is not a trash, it is a art object. For example, I have Marble statues collection from India. It is a very valuable collection. .