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What are the best beaches in the world?

  1. dyesebel10 profile image80
    dyesebel10posted 7 years ago

    Try Boracay Island and Palawan beaches in the Philippines.

    1. prettydarkhorse profile image65
      prettydarkhorseposted 7 years ago in reply to this

      I agree!

  2. Mrvoodoo profile image60
    Mrvoodooposted 7 years ago


    My favorite (so far) = Koh Pha Ngan

  3. CMHypno profile image89
    CMHypnoposted 7 years ago

    Mission Beach in North Queensland is my favourite

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    Poppa Bluesposted 7 years ago


    I love the Long Island beaches, especially now that they are mostly desserted except for the surf fisherman!

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    poetlorraineposted 7 years ago

    the emptiest beaches must be the ones in Ireland.  The one i live near is brilliant.  They have the point to point races on them, and we have seals in the water.  No bikinis too cold

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    Poppa Bluesposted 7 years ago

    Then too there is the nitelife just steps away from the shore where sometimes the rich and famous congregate...


  7. prettydarkhorse profile image65
    prettydarkhorseposted 7 years ago


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    Poppa Bluesposted 7 years ago

    If you're really lucky you just might get to be a guest at one of these beach front homes.


  9. rebekahELLE profile image91
    rebekahELLEposted 7 years ago

    Caledesi Island and Honeymoon Island in Dunedin Florida.

    to get to Caledesi, you ride a ferry, takes about 10 minutes and then you're out on an island with natural florida landscape and a gorgeous beach.  heaven.  cool

    it's about 20 minutes away...

    1. rebekahELLE profile image91
      rebekahELLEposted 7 years ago in reply to this
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        Poppa Bluesposted 7 years ago in reply to this

        Oh my! That is gorgeous! I wanna go there!

  10. NGRIA Bassett profile image60
    NGRIA Bassettposted 7 years ago
  11. rhamson profile image75
    rhamsonposted 7 years ago
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      Crazdwriterposted 7 years ago in reply to this

      I definitely agree. the beaches on Oahu are beautiful. most likely on all of the islands

  12. KarenCamille profile image60
    KarenCamilleposted 7 years ago

    Montegobay, Jamaica West Indies

  13. James McV Sailor profile image83
    James McV Sailorposted 7 years ago

    The beaches in the coves and bays of Espiritu Santo Island just north of La Paz in the Sea of Cortez are wonderful......... clean, pristine, isolated, and uninhabited (most of the time).... Perfect

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    Jessica Jonesposted 7 years ago

    Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa

  15. VacationAustralia profile image80
    VacationAustraliaposted 7 years ago

    Australian beaches. Take your pick from thousands! smile

  16. Colebabie profile image61
    Colebabieposted 7 years ago

    Jamaican beaches, for sure! And I have traveled through the caribbean and live in Florida smile

  17. bojanglesk8 profile image60
    bojanglesk8posted 7 years ago


  18. habee profile image91
    habeeposted 7 years ago

    Bahamas! The Florida gulf beaches are great, too!

  19. Karina S. profile image59
    Karina S.posted 7 years ago

    Bahamas, Atlantis is a bonus!

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    shinujohn2008posted 7 years ago

    Beaches of Malayasia and Srilanka are better