Greece Vacation: 5 Useful Tips for a Great Trip

Sunset on the Greek island of Kea. Photo by Adventurous Wench
Sunset on the Greek island of Kea. Photo by Adventurous Wench

Greece vacation

Greece is a country filled with variety. It's got a strong seafaring culture, and a history of philosophic pursuits. There are hundreds (thousands?) of historic monuments and ancient ruins, as well as delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and lively people you'll meet on your trip. What more could you ask for in a vacation destination? Here are five tips for your Greece vacation, to get you started off on the right path for a wonderful trip to Greece.

Mylopotas beach, Ios Island, Greece. Photo by Titana (flickr)
Mylopotas beach, Ios Island, Greece. Photo by Titana (flickr)

The best time to visit Greece

Head to Greece during the spring and fall. If you visit during May, September or October, you'll find better weather (the summer can be hot!), and fewer crowds. Prices will be lower, and you can visit the major sights without jostling elbows with thousands of others. Most of the island hotels used to close at the end of September, but there are now some that stay open longer - make sure to check on this before you go. Some hotels now even stay open into winter for tourists who wish to celebrate Christmas in Greece.

Cafe on the plaza. Photo by Adventurous Wench (flickr)
Cafe on the plaza. Photo by Adventurous Wench (flickr)
Ruins of the Roman agora, in Athens Greece. Photo by adamsofen (flickr)
Ruins of the Roman agora, in Athens Greece. Photo by adamsofen (flickr)

Clothes and things to bring

Plan layered clothing. Even during the heat of summer, Greece's weather changes frequently. In fact, that's about the only thing you can be sure of with the weather here - it will change! In the morning strong winds can make it seem cool, but by afternoon it's hotter than hot. The evenings can be delightful for sitting outside. Layered clothes let you easily don and shed clothing, to stay warm, cool off and also protect your skin from the sun. A nice big sun hat is also a good idea to protect your head.

Don't forget sunglasses in this very sunny country, and bring plenty of sunscreen. (You can buy sunscreen here, but you'll find better selection and prices if you get it before you leave home.)

Take a collapsible bag. You know how it is when you go on a trip, and come home with more than you went with (all those great souvenir purchases)? If you take a packable bag with you, it can stay tucked inside your main suitcase until you need it, then expand to carry your other gear. Some of them turn into small daypacks, so they can be useful for a day of sightseeing too - carry your jacket (those layers!), water bottle, snacks, guidebook, etc.

Sunset on the water. Greece. Photo by Adventurous Wench
Sunset on the water. Greece. Photo by Adventurous Wench

Explore Greece

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Athens, Greece
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Things you need to know for your Greece trip

Have the information you need. It's ideal to have flight information, itinerary information, and hotel names, addresses and phone numbers, all in one place for easy access. Some people have a travel organizer pouch they keep this in, others write it on cards to keep in their wallet. You'll need this somewhere accessible, so you can tell a taxi driver where to take you.

It's also wise to scan a copy of your passport, and keep this somewhere safe along with credit card information. You can email this to yourself, so it's easily accessed at any internet cafe. Another option is placing it on a flash drive to keep in your pocket or purse. Just be sure to keep it somewhere separate than your passport and credit cards. They won't do you much good if someone steals your purse, and gets the copies along with the originals!

Buy an Athens Archaeological Sites combo ticket. For most people, one of the main reasons to go to Greece is to see all of the ancient sites. We've all heard of the Parthenon, and it's both fascinating and magical to visit these intriguing sites, and marvel at the advanced works the Greeks did thousands of years ago. This combo ticket is a great deal, since it's good for a few days, and it gets you into several of the major sites in Athens for a reduced rate. After you've seen the Acropolis and Parthenon, you can continue your exploration at the Roman Agora, or the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Evening in Athens. Photo by DAMFAST (flickr)
Evening in Athens. Photo by DAMFAST (flickr)

Travel to Greece

Greece is an incredible country to visit - rich in history, culture and beauty. Photos of Greece just can't do it justice - when you're there in person, you get the whole experience.

You can poke around in the ancient ruins, sunbathe on gorgeous beaches, or dine on fresh fish, right off the boat. These tips are just a starting point for planning your fabulous vacation in Greece.

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