Grocery Delivery in Nashville - Produce Delivered by

Grocery Delivery in Nashville - Produce Delivered by

Have you ever wished you had someone to do your shopping for you? It would be nice if you could just make a list and have someone else deliver it to you. Now there is a service in Nashville that delivers groceries. Just think of a list of items that you normal shop for on your trip to the market and will deliver your groceries for you.

Are you elderly or disabled? Do you have an elderly or disabled relative?

People who are elderly or disabled will find this service especially helpful. They won't have to worry if they have someone to take them out to the market to grab their produce and groceries. If the groceries get low help is only a phone call or a mouse click away.

Grocery Delivery Service in Nashville

The people of Nashville now have the convenience of this grocery delivery service at their fingertips. No matter what the case your groceries can be delivered right to your door. Elderly, disabled, sick or just don't want to do it is the service for you. If you live in the following areas just contact and you are on your way to having you groceries delivered.




Spring Hill Delivery Areas

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A markerNashville -
Nashville, TN, USA
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B markerBrentwood -
Brentwood, TN, USA
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C markerFranklin -
Franklin, TN, USA
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D markerSpring Hill -
Spring Hill, TN, USA
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Tips for Ordering Your Groceries

  • Make sure you order items you normally shop for and are familiar with
  • Make a check list of your items
  • Choose one single location that carries all of the items on your check list to avoid the $5 charge for shopping at more than one location
  • Be sure to be home when groceries are delivered to avoid the redelivery fee
  • Have all of your coupons in order and in a place that you will easily remember
  • Check your local store circulars for the best deals on the items that you buy on a regular basis


Delivery Cost & Additional Fees

There is a minimum order that you must place before your groceries are delivered. Your grocery delivery charge and minimum purchase are the same at this time for all four areas around Nashville. The charges shown below are a discounted amount given to cash or check paying customers. All other payment options must add an additional 3% to your grocery total.

Charges & Fees

Order of $150 = $20 Shop & Delivery Fee

Order of $150 - $300 = $25 Shop & Delivery Fee

Order of more than $300 = Charge of 11% of your total order

Additional Fees

Shopping from more than one location = $5 per additional location

Picking up coupons from you before shopping = an additional $5

If it's a "bag your own groceries" type establishment = an additional $5

Returned Check & Redelivery Policy

Returned Checks = $25 Charge

Redelivery Fee = $16.25

Note: In order to avoid the redelivery fee make sure you are home at the time you specified for your groceries to be delivered. Gift Certificate gift certificates are a perfect way to show someone that you care. If you know someone who is in need of this service or would simply enjoy having their groceries delivered then gifting them a gift cetificate is just what you need.

Tobacco Alcohol & Lottery

It is up to your personal associate owner weather or not they will shop for items such as tobacco, alcohol or lottery. Make sure you check with them before hand to ask if they are willing to run these types of errands for you. These errands may be something that you may want to do on your own to avoid things like picking the wrong numbers at your local lottery retailer.


This is an amazing service that you and your family ones will love. I have provided the information that you need to begin your grocery delivery service experience. Be sure to use this as a guide for ordering your items. To find more information on or to inquire on how to become an associate owner of your very own franchise contact details are below.

Nashville Area Associate Owner Contact Details:

Associate Owner:
Christy Grummons
Toll Free Phone:
1-877-WeGoShop ext. 48 (1-877-934-6746 ext. 48) 

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