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Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Peru a classical holidays travel tour

Peru counts with some of world famous tourist destinations. Tourist attractions like Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Nazca lines and canyon of Colca are ultimate destinations for holidays in Peru. A tour starting in Lima and passing all this famous places is a classical travel that majority of visitors make while traveling Peru.

Laguna Llanganuco near Huaraz
Laguna Llanganuco near Huaraz

Peru unbeaten tracks

But Peru is much more than just this. With its bio and geo diversity, Peru offers a lot more to a visitor that has time and curiosity to explore the country in depth. Especially if you are traveling on your own and have more than just ten days of your holidays to see everything. With more time it is possible to see things and attractions that agencies with busy schedule don’t include in their itineraries. make your holidays in Peru more interesting and walk some unbeaten tracks well worth exploring.

Adobe city of Chan Chan
Adobe city of Chan Chan

Northern Peru

A classical Peruvian tourist circuit doesn’t include north of the country. This way you will miss historical attractions like city of Chan Chan, tomb of Lord of Sipan and pre Inca pyramids. All this places belong to pre Inca cultures. If you are near Trujillo, consider to visit Chan Chan, worlds biggest adobe built city and cultural patrimony of UNESCO. Also near town are situated two pyramids named Huacas de Luna y Sol. A golden mask of Lord of Sipan is principal attraction in Royal tomb museum near city of Chiclayo. Other interesting places are beaches on northern coast of Peru. Especially coastal town of Mancora is a popular holiday destination for local Peruvian tourists. In big cities of northern Peru like Trujillo and Chiclayo you can enjoy delicious sea food, folkloric dances like typical Marinera Nortena and horse riding shows with Peruvian breed Cavallo de Paso.


Trekking to Quebrada Ishinca near Huaraz
Trekking to Quebrada Ishinca near Huaraz

Sierra – Peruvian Andes

Climbers from the entire world spend their holidays in Peru visiting mountain peaks of Cordillera Blanca. You don’t have to be extreme climber to enjoy in snow toped Nevados scenery. Visit city of Huaraz a Peruvian Chamonix. A trekking starting point for treks to near valleys. You can reach high mountain passes and glacier lakes – Laguna’s taking one day tours from Huaraz. In this way it is possible to reach glacier of Pastoruri or see lake Laguna Llanganuco, both well above 4000 meters altitude line. More adventurers can visit recently discovered Inca ruins of Choquequirao in Sierra near Cuzco. They are similar to ones of world famous Machu Picchu but far more remote and only accessible by walk.

Selva Peruvian Jungle
Selva Peruvian Jungle

Selva – Peruvian Jungle

If you would like to spend your holidays in Peru visiting Jungle, you will have to fly in to Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos. People, food, vegetation and animals, everything is different than in other places of Peru. A way of life here is adapted to the rivers. These highways of Jungle are source of life for traditional cultures in this area. Don’t miss Manu National Park if you are near Puerto Maldonado.  

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sausage69 profile image

sausage69 5 years ago

Great, I was just looking for something like this and I would like to ask few things:

Me and my GF are planning a trip to Peru so what time in year would be the best to travel in the meaning of weather conditions? We are planning to go there for approx. 2 months...

Tnx for the usefull information.

inkanet profile image

inkanet 5 years ago Author

The best time in terms of weather is july and august. You should have stable weather and hopefully clear blue sky in Sierra (Cusco, lake Titicaca, Arequipa, Nazca, Huaraz). In the contrary, Lima has bad weather during july and august. It is not raining but it is foggy all day long. In general, this time of year they call it summer in mountains and winter on the coast.

kraji profile image

kraji 5 years ago from Slovenia

Very nice and interesting photos, wish to visit that too cause I love such nature or historical places!

drvosjeca profile image

drvosjeca 5 years ago

i would love to visit Peru some day...

valuk 5 years ago

Peru is on my travel list for sure. Just have to save enough money to go there for a month.

pvednik profile image

pvednik 5 years ago

I want to go some day there.

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