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The process of convergence between telecommunications and IT resulted in many large changes in the ways people communicate today. Design of global networks, technology and software products and marketing policies - all this has completely changed. Even the most hardware- and network-centered telecommunication companies today need custom software development of the highest class to feel comfortable in the today's competitive landscape. An example of this would be the Galileo reservation system.

What is a "telecom vendor"? This is a company that sells products and services created for distant communications to service providers. Most of the biggest brands in the telephony, connectivity and building networks belong to dedicated giants of telecommunication industry. Besides offering their assistance to local and global service-oriented communication companies, many telecommunication companies also create and sell products and services aimed at consumer and enterprise use. Many of hardware products include embedded custom software, and network services are becoming more and more software-centric.

Big vendors of telecommunications services today develop strong business relationships with IT companies. They maintain balance between their primary telecom business and informational technologies to keep their market positions strong and growing.

What Do Devs Do In This Industry?

Software developers provide optimization solutions, enable identification and transactional services and create software for data centers and virtual network resources. Some companies have equally good IT and telecom departments, but most telecom companies outsource software development.

The leading telecom companies understand this balance perfectly and can boast significant revenues on both markets. But not every company has in-house resources and enough skillful software developers to benefit from digital convergence. Some companies just don't see software development as important part of their competencies. Such companies have to look for programming teams to keep their product and services range compatible with requirements of the modern situation. It is completely possible to find a contractor which already has experience in development of solutions for the telecom companies. If talking about offshore development, it is also possible to significantly save on costs, although companies from the same geographic or cultural region are better contractors than teams far away countries.

The Telecom Industry And Software Development

Ironically, the telecom industry is traditionally more conservative, than the ever changing ecosystem of software companies.

But digital networking technologies are taking control on the common user, offering the possibilities of VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony in addition to countless ways to communicate on the web. As a result, custom software development for telecommunication companies is rising in importance, as these services become more centered around these software. One of the reasonable methods to keep pace with time is outsourcing software development to companies that have the knowledge and skills required to implement software solutions in telecommunications area.

New tendencies and emerging technologies are constantly challenging telecommunication businesses. Not to mention the travel sector, as there are now many travel software available. Software-defined networks and virtualization are two good examples of mutual blending of information technologies and telecommunications. Many large vendors have already developed and implemented software-defined approach in their flagship products and network planning services. Other companies develop more IT capabilities while deploying new architecture and building better products to fit it. And, in the end, even more companies outsource IT tasks and benefit from better and more competitive services put on the market.

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