Hotels Near Disneyland Entrance - Hotels with the Shortest Walk

If you are looking for accommodation for your trip, there are many hotels near Disneyland to choose from. The Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California has three different resort hotels on its property - the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier and the Grand Californian. These are all great hotels, especially the Grand Californian, which is my personal favorite.

None of the Disneyland hotels are cheap however and with the exception of the Grand Californian which backs right up to California Adventure and is only several hundred feet from the Disneyland theme park entrance, there are actually some other hotels near Disneyland which are just as convenient to entry at the Main Gate as either Paradise Pier or the Disneyland Hotel.

The other Anaheim hotels next to Disneyland will save you a lot of money as well vs staying in a Disney-owned property. The Disneyland Hotel charges 4-star prices, but it isn't even close to a 4-star hotel, in my opinion. I personally stay at the Grand Californian, but since I'm a Disney Vacation Club member, I get to stay there on points. I could not afford the $400+ per night rates otherwise. It is by far my favorite hotel though, so if you can afford it and you really want a magical Disney experience, I highly recommend it.

View from my balcony at the Grand Californian Resort
View from my balcony at the Grand Californian Resort

So here's a list of some of the hotels that are closest to the Disneyland resort and that will all be pretty kind to your budget. All of these are walking distance so you don't have to park your car in Disneyland's parking structure, which isn't exactly close to the park. It will take you at least 20 minutes to get from the Disneyland parking lot to the park entrance.

For the shortest walk and the most convenience, your best bet is to stay at a hotel or motel that is located on Harbor Blvd. Harbor Blvd is closest to the park entrance and there's a pedestrian crossing that can help you get across the Boulevard easily. I would avoid hotels on Katella Ave or Ball Road as, in my opinion, the walk is too long from either location if you want to be able to return to your hotel at mid-day for snacks, snoozing or whatever.

In terms of proximity, the closest hotels to the Disneyland Park gates are the Best Western Park Place Inn, which is located near the Harbor Blvd entrance; and the Park Vue Inn, which is right next to the Best Western. You can get to the front gate in about 5 minutes from these hotels and they are all a shorter walk than from the Disneyland Hotel or the Disneyland parking lot. The only hotel closer to Disneyland is the Grand Californian Resort and that costs over $400 per night. If you want to pay that though (and it is a very nice resort), I've included the Disneyland Resorts phone number below so you can check rates.

Phone numbers

  • Best Western Park Place Inn (714) 776-4800‎
  • Park Vue Inn (714) 772-3691
  • Disneyland Resort Hotels (714) 956-6425

Also on Harbor Boulevard, and still well within walking distance of the Disneyland entrance are the following hotels in order of proximity: Tropicana Inn & Suites, Desert Inn & Suites, Carousel Inn & Suites, Best Western Anaheim Inn (different location from Park Place Inn), Del Sol Inn, and the Ramada Inn Maingate Saga. Each of these are less than a half mile walk, and the first two listed are nearly as close as Park Place and Park Vue Inns.

Why select a hotel near Disneyland?

The main advantages of staying at a hotel that is right near the Disneyland entrance is that you can save money on both parking and car rentals. If you are staying near Disneyland for at least a few days, you can skip the car rental as there are tons of restaurants and small shops to pick up sundries right nearby. You have all of Downtown Disney to explore as well.

Staying close to the main gate also means that you can take breaks during your theme park days and head back to the hotel either to drop off packages or take a nap or jump in the pool if you need to cool off. If you had to slog it back to the Disneyland parking garage and then drive to your hotel, believe me, you wouldn't want to make the trip. Also, close to the maingate, you also get to experience much more of the magic of Disney just by looking out your window.

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Kate 5 years ago

thank you so much. this is exactly what i needed to know. the maps are not clear as to how to enter the park. i was pretty sure but the map made it look like there was no entrance on that side. it was very tricky and this is a lot of money. thank you for your help with this website!!

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