Are you Aerophobic?
Are you Aerophobic?


Do you have this fear of flying? Do you ever dread having to travel in an airplane even if you're going on a splendid vacation? Would you rather check the internet or read magazines to see pictures of wonderful countries than having to ride in a plane? Well, think again! You are missing half of your life!!!

Pteromerhanophobia or Aerophobia (fear of flying) can be one of those fears that is really hard to overcome. Let's admit it, we develop this anxiety feeling when the plane is about to get off. Did you have a not-so-nice experience when you traveled in the past? Is this your first time to ride on a real airplane? Do you know someone who was hi-jacked or died because the plane crashed? Do you think flying is synonymous with turbulence or Con-air? Have you watched a lot of crashing planes on you tube?

You're not alone. A large percentage of people traveling has this phobia in flying. Whatever the case may be, we have to come to our senses that sooner or later we don't have any choice but to ride in a plane and fly high in the sky. Might as well start defeating that fear of flying.

Some great books on how to FLY without FEAR

up, up, and away!!!
up, up, and away!!!


Will you just always have an uneasy feeling whenever you are flying? Will you forever be gripping your arm rest real tight until the plane landed safely on the ground? Will your hands be damp and clammy like you need thick towel to dry it every second whenever you're inside the plane? Will you just sleep all throughout the flight so if ever the plane crashed or there was a bomb inside you wouldn't even know, rather than looking at the window and see how beautiful the sky is? LET LOOSE!!! RELAX!!!

Flying is so much fun! It is just like riding a roller coaster that you'll be on top and before you know it, you're safe and sound and the ride is over.

Easier said than done, huh? Well, nothing can go wrong. If it's your time, then it's your time. Below are several ways on how to fight this so-called fear of flying.



TRUST! - I am not talking about the brand of condom here, But I can use condom to explain it metaphorically. Condom was made to assure couples that there won't be any result after sex. Even if you use condoms everytime you make love with your partner, women won't be pregnant. That's 99.9% sure. I know there's a 0.01% doubt, but hey, who and waht is perfect? This goes the same with airplanes and pilots. If you are afraid that the plane will crash, planes are being craftfully made to ensure durability. That's why there are engineers with making airplanes as their forte. Planes can handle turbulence undoubtedly. That's also 99.99% sure. Pilots studied for God knows how long to master the art of flying whatever the weather is. That's why they were hired as pilots in the first place. All you need is trust and ofcourse match it with your prayers.

RELAX! - Flying is not the end of the world! Perhaps it has been for someone or what you have seen in the movies. Remember, millions of people travel on a plane everyday, majority would rather travel on a plane rather than riding on a boat. It is faster. Again, as I've said earlier, if it;s not your time, then it's not your time. Breathe!!! Chill!!! If you hear your conscience whispering "We're going to crash!! We will die!!", brush off the idea. Read a good book, talk to the flight attendants or to the person beside you casually. Most of the time we travel to have fun (sometimes because of business meetings,etc., which you will still have fun after) so just anticipate what will happen after the flight. Keep those butterflies fluttering in your stomach in their proper places.

airplane seats
airplane seats

ACTION - Next is to act on it. What are the actions you need to take to avoid having hypertension or acting like a lunatic inside the plane. You have learned to trsut, you started relaxing. That's excellent. But we also have to consider that there are things that we should do to make sure that the horrible feeling won't come back. Number one rule of the thumb- DO NOT DRINK COFFEE OR ANY CAFFEINATED DRINKS hours before your flight. Drinking such would just trigger anxiety. Drinks lots of water, also to make you brave enough to walk to the plane's restroom. Bring books, psp or your ipod to keep you busy whenever you have this uneasy feelings again. Stare at the windows and pose and take pictures of yourself so once you're back home, you have something to show to your family and friends, and proudly say " That was me INSIDE the airplane when we were soaring high in the sky".

Think what you'll be missing if you will have that fear overpower you.

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Mike the salesman profile image

Mike the salesman 7 years ago from birmingham alabama/sherwood oregon


mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Mike!

I hope you get to overcome your fear of flying.

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

classifieds profile image

classifieds 7 years ago

Mike -

Thanks for providing such good information!  I also found a great FREE audio mp3 download that helps you relax when you have a Fear of Flying: Look for the Free Tool link in the upper right hand of the website. I've used it several times when I've flown and it really helps me to relax, especially during takeoffs and landings.

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hey thanks mike fror the info !! :)

sukkran profile image

sukkran 7 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

hi, mhei, this one is a well presented article. i like this hub.


mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Sukkran!

I'm glad you like this hub. Thanks for taking the time to read it! :)

Gary 7 years ago

If you beleive in that crap when its your time its your time to go.It's Bull.A plane crash isn't a mystery of faith. It's what idiot forgot to tighten the bolt.

Mohamed 21 months ago

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