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Screw the Holiday Resort, Villas are where it's at!

For many years now the fashion amongst the two week holidayer has been to check straight into that four or five star hotel for the duration of the stay, with some of them never leaving the perceived safety of the hotel grounds. Well not any more my vacationing pals! The time of the hotel is over and the savvy holiday maker now looks for an altogether different holiday experience!

These days holiday makers want the independent experience, away from the resorts with their timetabled events, family friendly surroundings and mish-mash of guests all fighting for the sun loungers! Cue the private villa! Once considered an option reserved only for the high fliers amongst us the private villa is becoming an affordable option for many families and groups looking to get away from the normality of the package holiday.

So how are the popular resorts catering for this new holiday experience?

Ibiza Villas

Possibly the party capital of the world, second only to Blackpool, Ibiza now has a huge variety of villas available; including the rustic chic look right through to the high end glamorous. With their infinity pools, views to die for and cosy corners to work on your tan; hiring an Ibiza villa for your fortnight in the sun is now a very affordable and realistic possibility.

Many Ibiza villas are beautifully appointed and decorated in such as way as to make you feel a little bit guilty of the decadence your enjoying. Want to party and enjoy this sensational island like a superstar DJ? Then an Ibiza villa is the only option.

Mallorca Villas

Never one to be out done by it's Balearic counter part Mallorca has also embraced the rush of demand for high end villas at reasonable prices. The party scene in Mallorca is considerably quieter than Ibiza making it a great place to get away from the hub-bub of the nine to five and relax for a little while.

Mallorca villas come with amazing harbour views and are extremely well appointed, with pools, en-suites and fully furnished and equipped kitchens.

Cape Town Villas

The Cape Town holiday market has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, and not just because of the impending Football World Cup! Cape Town and South Africa in general is now one of the most popular destinations from holiday makers from all over the world. Cape Town enjoys a fantastic warm, South African climate seven months of the year and fabulous beach views from secluded and private villas make renting a Cape Town villa an excellent, and different, option to the normal Mediterranean villa holiday.

The beauty of renting a Cape Town villa is that you are often miles away from the traditional holiday resort areas, meaning you can truly escape the crowds and enjoy a few weeks of blissfull tranquility in the heart of South Africa.

An Ibizan Villa

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Business Info 6 years ago from The Interwebz

great tips, I would love to go to a villa like that in Cape Town

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nice hub. please check out my hub on the same topic here

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