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Bucky  Gusto Inflatable Travel Pillow
Bucky Gusto Inflatable Travel Pillow

Folds neatly into self contained pocket for storage


Taking Trips with Kids

Making sure that you have the right kids travel accessories should be an essential part of your trip preparation. Children, especially very young ones, get bored and can often be uncomfortable while sitting in seats built for adults. Actually, sitting for long periods of time can be sheer torture for little ones. That's where children's travel accessories come in very handy. When chosen wisely, they can turn a frustrating experience into an easier, happier one for all concerned.

It doesn't matter whether you're traveling by plane, train, automobile or some other mode of conveyance. You want to find products that not only solve your problem but that also are lightweight and take up as little room as possible, while providing the safety you want for your precious cargo.

Luckily, manufacturers and merchants have developed products to help parents and grandparents offer the safest, most comfortable trip possible for children and there are quite a few toys that have been created specifically for travel, as well.

Here are some good kids travel accessories to make the next trip a little more enjoyable for your child. The best thing is, you don't have to go to a store to pick these items up. Amazon will ship them to you. What could be easier?

Lil' Lewis Explorers Neck Pillow

Your little one will love this adorable little Panda. A Lil' Lewis Explorer neck pillow will help your child sit and rest comfortably. This snuggly panda securely supports their head and neck and may even become their favourite travel toy. Lil' Lewis Explorers neck pillows scrunch up for easy packing into a carry-on, diaper bag or suitcase. They're perfect for children three years and up, are made of hand washable cotton.

TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow for Kids

The TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow is a great kids travel accessory. It gives children a soft, gentle place to rest their heads and prevents the typical slumping over that happens when they fall asleep. It doesn't take much to inflate it, just three or four breaths does it and when you're not using it, roll it up for easy storage. It attaches quickly and easily to car headrests and to seat backs in airplanes. Click on the product name to right to go to the Amazon page and read the several national and international reviews under the product description area.

CARES Child Aviation Restraint System

Your child couldn't be in better hands when seated in a CARES restraint system. It's small at only one pound, can to fit into your pocket or purse, attaches directly to a plane seat in a minute and provides the first and only FAA certified child harness safety device. The CARES child aviation restraint system is perfect for children around one year of age and up who weigh 22 - 24 pounds and comes in a 6" stuff sack. This is the ultimate in air travel safety for tots.

EarPlanes Children's Ear Plugs

These EarPlanes children's disposable ear plugs have an exclusive CeramX filter to regulate air pressure and reduce noise. Children aged 1 - 10 will find relief from the typical in-flight ear discomfort when wearing these safe and soft plugs. They're hypoallergenic and drug free, so use them without worry. When you land, just throw them out.

Sunshine Kids Cool Shade

This product makes car travel more comfortable for little ones. The Sunshine Kids Cool Shade is 18" wide by 13" high and really easy to install and remove with static cling application. The shade is a PVC tinted film that comes wrapped around a foam cylinder to protect the shade from creases and wrinkles. When ready to use, just unroll it.

Taby Tray

Taby Tray solves the problem of keeping small children fed and entertained while on a road trip. The plastic tray meets automotive safety requirements and comes in one piece with no assembly required, so just strap and buckle it to the car seat or stroller and you have a flat surface to serve snacks, as well as a recessed holder for drinks or bottles. Taby Tray gives children a place to colour, read and play, too. This product is recommended for kids from 6 months to 4 years but can be used by older children as a lap table. To clean, just wash with soap and water. When not in use, just slip under the seat or in the trunk.

Piccolo Small Child Snack Tray for Strollers

The Piccolo small child snack tray is the ultimate in stroller organization. Everything you need is handy and within reach when carried in this lead and PVC free tray. Updated features include two cup holders inside the tray and two toy straps on back to keep toys conveniently inside your stroller. The Piccolo snack tray is easy to attach and you don't even have to remove it. It folds down with your stroller. Just put it on and forget about it!

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Ambersky 6 years ago

It is essential especially on longer journeys to keep the kids entertained.

great post

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

You're not kidding, Ambersky. Kids can get so cranky on long trips, they need something to do and to be comfortable.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Janine 5 years ago

For our baby the earplugs were a life saver when travelling. Most people don't think of those for kids.

One of the best things I found for traveling with the kids is the lap tables they can use to play games on. They use a table like this to play checkers or a board game together or even do some coloring in coloring books because they are big enough. Each child gets their own (to stop the fighting) and the ones with a cup holder are really great.

They sure work great for us! I included a link to a website where I found some. I didn't know there were so many different kinds!

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