Kosovo* Strikes Again : Era of Monitoring Independence Ends ?


The "national symbol" of Kosovo*
The "national symbol" of Kosovo* | Source

Is it too early?

Is it too early? - This is the question that many high EU representatives, and representatives all across the globe are questioning. Especially with newly formed Government of Serbia, with its fairly new president Nikolic.

Belgrade, 2nd July 2012 :
I've woke up, turned the TV on and I've had what to hear... Among everyday bad news, 'cuz there can't be any good until making the Government of Serbia official , I've heard that Kosovo's* monitoring of independence, of EU and UN will be shorted - and K.F.O.R and E.U.L.E.X will be gone until autumn.

Official Belgrade, on head with it's president Tomislav Nikolic, who is elected on 20th of May this year, before even mentioning "cutting" out the International monitoring of Kosovo*, said that he will insist that "technical negotiations" with Southern Serbian province (Kosovo) negotiation team should be stopped - and he will insist on that decision - MENTIONING THAT HE WILL INSIST ON BRINGING NEGOTIATIONS WITH OFFICIAL PRISTINE ON POLITICAL LEVEL!

Ethnic brakedown?

Many speculated of it, all back in 80's - when question of Kosovo wasn't even mentioned.
Ethnic breakdown of one region, especially where Serb's were ethnic majority
until 90's (especially from 92-2000th)-when "ethnic" cleaning of Albanian people "happened".

Well, we are all now literally witnesses of what actually happened?

Well, I say - how can it be, how come that just in 5-10 years, Albanian ethnic side took so much of majority that it could "cold headed" without any kind of referendum to claim independence?

Sorry if I'm stupid, but I don't really understand ? How can from minimum 70% ethnic majority of Serbs in 1990, and rising - come to the picture shown below ?!

_______________ ETHNIC PICTURE OF KOSOVO________________



P.M of Serbia, newly elected Prime Minister : Ivica Dacic, said :

..."This Government mustn't be pro-European, nor pro-Russian or pro-American or pro-Chinese one - it should be

ONLY an stable "PRO-SERBIAN" government with clearly declared goals in next four to five years. "... - Ivica Dacic, newly elected Prime Minister of Serbia.

With these sentences, Mr.Dacic started his mandate and negotiations about making the new government of Serbia - which will have,now, shocking opposition - the "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" the party that made Government in last 4 and a half years, along with parties gathered aside policy : "Europe (EU) doesn't have alternative! ".

Are we all blind and stupid ?

Anger got us blind ?

- Nobody wants a war to happen. At least, not Serbs, and Serbia as a country ; as a country where I live in, as an part of nation that I belong. Some of You, readers from all over the world, Serbs, or that have origins from Serbia or ex-Yugoslavia are ashamed to tell where they came from ? Why ? Because Serbia had a lot of bad representatives after Tito's death back in 89'.

- Process of Serbs, as nation, to become seen as terrorists or as some aggressive unfriendly people started with Milosevic regime from 1990 , until "Big 5th October Revolution" in 2000th.
During 90's, Serbia had its worse time ever! Inflation, in country, was the highest inflation ever recorded in modern human history! We were buying bread for 5 billion dinars. One "Deusche Mark" was around 10 million dinars! Can You believe it people ? Government was printing money without adequate "coverage" , usually in gold. So, in these days, imagine it like for 1 euro, to give 1.000.000 of dinars ! I mean, 1.000.000 of any currency today is much - that's why, so called "hyper-inflation" that hat Serbia was the unseen inflation of all times until day today's.

- Anyway, I've got off topic... Sorry. So, NOW with Tomislav Nikolic as president and as vice-president, or premiere : Ivica Dacic - the man known from 90's, upper mentioned times as a "right hand of Milosevic" - Kosovo* brought an early decision (or is it theirs at all?) to withdraw the monitoring of International Forces from soil of Kosovo*. Tomislav Nikolic and Ivica Dacic, back in history, before 2000th and even late - are familiar as men marked as ultra-nationalists, huge patriots, and even - by some records - responsible for whole "90's scenario and all GOOD SERBIAN PICTURE DESTRUCTION".

- In "nova-days" (these days) , these men are pro-European oriented, with Government made of them, (quoting) "...gathered in Government of Serbia for two goals, JOINING E.U and BATTLE FOR KOSOVO* STATUS AND ITS NOT LEGITIMATE STATUS..only diplomatic resources as a tool for reaching these goals... "

Kosovo* 's Government

Something that's, surely, attracted a lot of attention of International Media is the basic structure of , so called, Kosovo country.

- The one of the worst crimes in history of human kind, illegal human organ trafficking plus International Tribunal for War Crimes in Hague, with its "lack of witnesses" (all died during his process in Hague) accusing - PRIME MINISTER OF KOSOVO* for all mentioned , is STILL on his position of prime-minister of this, so called "Republic of Kosovo".

- Is this all normal ?

If it is, then I am absolutely not normal - and I will pronounce myself as invalid for any mental work. If not because of absolutely negative image of this person, marked as one of the biggest WORLD MAFIA LEADER, not just from Serbs (Serbs are not even asked anymore for anything), but from United Nations, and European Union - if not because of his negative image to the whole "nation", and region, then from moral reasons, as such kind of decision is normal in diplomacy and it would be best for him, and Kosovo* - he stayed in National Government of Kosovo*, not just as an politician ( where he would be kicked out from in all normal countries) but as prime minister of one, so called, country that has a future in "European Union"?

What is happening to us ?

Please, tell me, what is happening to us ? -Are we really blind, and can't see that that man is marked from all real and legitimate law-enforcement structures as an extremely dangerous man, included, mentioned, and prosecuted in International kind of crimes can be a man which leads an "independent country" - being supported by E.U, and U.S ?

-Please tell me, what is "the catch" ? Is he "untouchable"? Is he a God? What is he ? How can someone, who's accused for things that literally shocked International media (human organ trafficking) , be on the top of Government of some country, that has an "E.U future" by statements of all E.U representatives, and be supported by U.S as a country that should focus on "rule of the law, and EU, NATO/Euro-Atlantic integration's" ... What happened to us, and what is happening to us ?

- Are we, once again, blind in front of something that is clear as day? When his "process" came to the International Tribunal in Hague, every single (except one) witnesses have been shot. Of course "Kosovo's Police, along with E.U.L.E.X and K.F.O.R are still investigating circumstances of these events and how did they happened ..." - but, it is totally unconnected with Hašim Tači's process in Hague, right ? I mean, killing precisely those people, even those in "program of witness protection" , in the time when he is about to get in front of court, and witnessing of them would give an totally another picture of Kosovo* and their independent, and how did they gained it, is something totally irrelevant to case of Hasim Taci in Hague, right ?

DISCLAIMER : I am NOT part of ANY political party in Serbia. I am Serb, but totally social-democratically with affinity to liberals oriented young man.

This text, and all context of it's is NOT part of any kind of media campaign, discrimination, hate-speech, or any kind of racism. I just want to "OPEN THE EYES" of the World, and make them understand the weight of their misjudgment of some people, nation, and political moves.

War - AGAIN?

Is Serbia on the verge of a new war?

  • Yes, this Government is decisive about Kosovo - and they won't let Albanains to took "Serbian cradle of civilisation" - and I agree
  • Yes, this Government is decisive about Kosovo - and they won't let Albanains to took "Serbian cradle of civilisation" - and I DO NOT agree
  • Yes, this Government is decisive about Kosovo - and they won't let Albanains to took "Serbian cradle of civilisation" - and I think the new war is the only thing that can settle things down.
  • War isn't the option! For God sake, aren't Serbs died enough? Starting from civil war, trough the 150.000 civil deaths in NATO booming in 99 to the deaths from poverty?
  • I think Serbia, Belgrade, will solve the issue of Kosovo on diplomatic way with Pristine!
  • I think that Pristine, and Albanian *Kosovo* authorities are "nudging" Serbia to start a war, but I don't think Serbia will start it. Serbs are wise.
  • I think the best thing to do is to split Kosovo onto two different countries, one to remain Kosovo, and other just to be an small "add" to Serbia. It's obvious that Serbs and Albanians don't want to live with each-other. Nobody can force them.
  • I think that EU is "blind" to this problem, and they are "good" with the Kosovo issue, as long as they have an drug trafficking source, and every other source. EU needs Kosovo to be the "Colombia" in Europe, or Afghanistan to the World.
  • I don't want a war, BUT I AM SICK OF THIS QUESTION! If there's a need for a war - let it be! But without NATO! At least, I will have an right to azyl!
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