Manila City - Capital of the Philippines

Map of the Philippines

Manila, Maynila, or Maynilad?

The word Manila came from the vernacular word "nila", a flowering mangroove, which grew on the shores of the bay (Manila Bay) located on its western side. The prefix "ma" which means "prevalent" or the prefix "may" meaning "the presense of", was added making it either "manila" or "maynila". But historical records show that Manila was used to be called Maynilad.

I was born and raised in Manila but I have not heard anyone call it Maynilad. It's either Manila or Maynila. You just read the word "Maynilad" on history books. Or on your water bill, because the water utility call themselves "Maynilad." As a matter of fact the first Manila-government-subsidized school University of the City of Manila is called "Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila".

Port of Manila
Port of Manila



Sunset at Manila Bay
Sunset at Manila Bay
Manila City Hall
Manila City Hall

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kathleen1630 profile image

kathleen1630 4 years ago from Philippines

I have never seen Manila this beautiful. I visit ko nga to next time. thanks for sharing! :)

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