Metal detector for Water Hunting

Let's go treasure hunting

 Do you like to go treasure hunting with metal detectors in the beach, woods, fields etc.? And you ever wondered what kind of treasures could you find underwater in lakes, streams, rivers and more?

You could do that with a waterproof metal detector that it's specially designed to search in the water. This hub page helps you in choosing the best metal detector for you.

Anchor by Electronics Barracuda

This is one of the best in the market but it's difficult to find one for sale and Anchor Electronics doesn't sell replacement parts for it. The Barracuda is a waterproof pulse detector and it's not cheap. It normally comes with an 8 and a 12 inch coil.

Fisher Impulse Detector

This one it's best for fresh water although it works in salt water too. But even so not recommended for beginners, it has 3 arms to operate this unit, one for the scoop, one for holding the detector, and the other for continually adjusting the detector "sensitivity" knob. Once in the deep, it's best to keep the depth because as soon as you take a step deeper, the threshold changes so you have to walk in a straight line parallel to the shore. It works in wet sand but you get better depth in the water.

Garrett Seahunter Mark II

A lot of people like this one  because of it's "change bateries and go" feature. It's a bit complex in the beginning but once you master it, you don't want other. Very sensible detection, detects at high depth, good batery life and gold finder, some say. And it's also good on wet sand.

Minelab Excalibur 800

This one its a great machine, and a bit heavy too, but no impossible to manouver, better yet if you "upgrade" it after the purchase. Very stable in fresh or salt water, sensitive to small targets, and has great depth. And it gives different sounds even from a penny to a dime, even between from the zinc or copper ones, but experience will allow you to know the differences.
On the saltwater beaches, the Excalibur is incredible with no changes needed to go from dry sand to water. In fresh water, the Excalibur works equally as well.On dry land, with the straight shaft, you can swing it all day and not get tired. It goes deep even with the 8 inch coil. Aftermarket coils are available but must be installed by someone who knows what they are doing in order to keep it waterproof.

And these are one of the best choices if you want to go water hunting. Have fun!!!

Water Metal Detectors

Excalibur 800
Excalibur 800
Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II
Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II
Fisher Impulse Detector
Fisher Impulse Detector

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Mike 6 years ago

Nice article!

I've been metal detecting on land for a long time but have always wanted a water machine. I know of a few places that I can really do well with one because I think I'd be the first one to hit some of these areas.

I've been watching the for sale ads for a Tesoro Tiger Shark, but they're hard to come by right now due to supplier problems. I like the Excal, just can't afford one right now.


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