minus 25 degrees

So we travelled to Norway for christmas, and the cold weather was an absolute shocker! Minus 25 degrees the day we landed, and even 26 the day after. If you haven't experienced this weather before it's really difficult to even imagine how cold it really is. So I took a photo, to try and desribe the cold... This is what minus 25 degrees look like!

Just edited this hub, and you can now get a bigger version of my freezing picture if you just click on it.. (fix it tommorow). Anyway, now we are back to normal in the Canary Islands, where the temperature are more to my likings. As soon as I will get some more of the photos sent by e-mail, I will publish some more here so you all can see what minus 25 degrees feels like ;)

Cold is a feeling really hard to write about without showing a picture, but if you haven't experienced real cold, it's even as hard to understand the coldness in a picture. Well just my 2 cents about this.

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coachb51 profile image

coachb51 6 years ago from West Point, MS

I got cold just reading about it

chspublish profile image

chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

Oh sooo cold there!The picture tells its own story.

blue54 profile image

blue54 6 years ago Author

Yeah, it's impossible to describe with words really.

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