Mother-Daughter Getaways: What Mom Really Wants

Mom and baby. Photo by Dan Harrelson (flickr0
Mom and baby. Photo by Dan Harrelson (flickr0

A surprise for mom

Clothes, flowers, jewelry, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a day at the spa, and another 8x10" framed image of you.

All are great gift choices for mom, but even those get a little stale after a decade or two. If you really want to surprise her, why not give mom a getaway with her favorite daughter (that's right, you, not your older sister).

Sounds like a lovely idea you think, but spending a week with mom might drive us both insane. True, if you haven't spent 24 hours with your mother since you left for college, a mother-daughter trip may sound a tad intimidating.

But you may be pleasantly surprised to find once you're on the road, that mom isn't so bad. After all, she did give birth to you, and you're totally fabulous!

Mother and Daughter.Photo by David Laporte (flickr footloosiety)
Mother and Daughter.Photo by David Laporte (flickr footloosiety)

Mother-daugther trip

Like it or not, mothers and daughters do have a unique bond, which can either be strengthened or ruined by spending too much time together. But it's entirely possible a mother-daughter trip will help you both develop newfound respect for each other, especially after mom bravely takes on a white knuckle, white-water rafting trip or you order dinner in flawless French (that year abroad was worth it!).

Family dynamics aside, there are some steps you can take to help ensure the trip is a success and you don't return home with a bruised ego or worse (for those of you with great relationships with your moms, well, good for you!!). If you plan a trip around activities you both love, you'll increase your chances of having a great time because for one, you'll be focused on the activity and not each other's flaws. If your mother tells you she doesn't care where you go as long as she can spend time with you, she's lying. (Just like the time she said don't get her anything for her birthday - you remember how that turned out!)

A Mother-Daughter team. Photo by Mike Baird (flickr mikebaird)
A Mother-Daughter team. Photo by Mike Baird (flickr mikebaird)
Mum and Daughter. Photo by sflovestory (flickr)
Mum and Daughter. Photo by sflovestory (flickr)

The perfect trip

There are a number of mother-daughter trips you can take together depending upon whether you want to be pampered, have a big adventure, work on a shared hobby, or spend time communing with that other wonderful mother - Ms. Nature. Women-only tour groups are a great place to start your search for the perfect trip. They have lots of options to choose from and there will be other women along for the ride to share your interests (and your mom,if need be). Big cities and off the beaten track locales are both great choices.

  • For instance, San Diego has perfect weather year round and plenty to keep you and mom entertained. You can check out the seals and surfers at the beach, the monkeys and panda bears at the zoo, chow down on tacos at a funky Mission Boulevard restaurant, or window shop and watch the sun set on Coronado Island. If you and mom want to get down and dirty (maybe that's a side of mom you've never seen before!), you can always take public transport to Tijuana and get matching tattoos (or not.)
  • Take mom to New York City and she'll be bragging to her friends for years about her fantastic daughter. Buy tickets to a Broadway show, shop at Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and Barney's, stroll through Central Park, take the Circle Line around Manhattan and to the Statue of Liberty, and discreetly point out celebrities on the street. (New Yorkers don't gush, it's just not cool.) A trip to the Big Apple easily catapults you to the top of the sibling food chain, at least for the next twelve months.
  • If you're into exercise and fresh air in the beautiful outdoors, why not try a women's trip to Sedona? Known for its spectacular red-rock scenery and spiritual energy vortexes, it's a great place for you both to get rejuvenated. Between hiking to a mesa top, touring ancient Sinagua ruins, and participating in a medicine wheel ceremony, you're sure to see a side of mom you just don't get when she's taking care of things at home.
  • Prefer a week vegetating on the beach as opposed to hiking a mountain, then here's a Mother's Day (or birthday) gift that won't soon be forgotten: a mother-daughter Caribbean spa escape! Because mother-daughter vacations often include more "me time," many resorts now focus more on spa treatments, gourmet dining, and off-resort activities (such as golf, sailing, sight-seeing and the ever popular shopping), all at very affordable prices. Everything is included, so you and mom can put your feet up, relax and spend a little time getting to know one another.

Mom and daughter - a great family bonding experience! Photo by Fresco Tours (flickr)
Mom and daughter - a great family bonding experience! Photo by Fresco Tours (flickr)

Memories to treasure

A mother-daughter getaway can renew and strengthen your relationship with your mom. Having fun and adventure together can give you both memories to treasure, of that special time together.

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frescotours 5 years ago

We love having mother / daughters on our trips - the Camino is such a special thing to share! Thanks for using our photo!

happyexplorer profile image

happyexplorer 5 years ago from Mostly USA, sometimes elsewhere Author

Hi frescotours!

Mother-daughter trip is indeed a special experience, and fun too! Thank you for letting me use your lovely photo. :-)

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