Motorhome Rentals - What & Where

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to rent motorhome. The most general reason is for vacation travel. Taking a trip using a motor home is a lot cheaper compare to other type of vacations. According to a study conducted by PKF Consulting Firm, an internationally recognized firm with expertise in tourism and travels, typical RV family vacations are on average 26% to 74% less expensive than other type of vacations.

For people who want to buy a motor home, renting different models of motor home is the great way to know which type of motor home suits their need.

Motorhomes Type

There are two types of motor home offered by motor home rentals companies, Class A and Class C motorhome. The most popular type is Class C Motorhome. Class C Motorhome is comfortable and easier to drive. This vehicle varies in length from 22 to 35 feet. It is basically an RV with a bunk over the front cab.

Class A motor home is bigger in size compare to class c motorhome and there is no separate cab area. Class A motor home varies in length from 26 to 45 feet. Class A motorhomes offer a great deal of luxury, both on the road and when set up in camp.


  • All motorhome rentals companies require you to have valid driver’s license and proof of age.
  • They also have minimum age requirement for the driver, generally 25 years old. They will charge an extra fee if the driver’s age is under this requirement.
  • You are also required to make a deposit against damage which is usually around $500. It will be refunded if the RV is returned in good condition.
  • You are required to not smoke in the rented motorhome.

Motorhome Rentals Rates

Motorhome rentals rates vary depending on the size of the motorhome, the season when you rent it (winter, summer, etc), and length of time you’re going to rent it. Approximate rental rates for motorhome is $100 to $270 per day.

Other Fees

There are other fees I in addition to basic rental fee:

  • Generator fee around $3 to $5 per hour.
  • Mileage fee. Most motorhome rentals companies will give you a daily allowance for mileage usually 100 miles per day. If you go over this allowance, you will be charged extra fees around 30 to 40 cents per mile. An adjustment to actual mileage is made upon your return. For example, 7 Days Rented = 700 Free Miles, Miles Travel 1500, Adjusted mileage = 1500 - 700 = 800 x .40 = $320.00.
  • Insurance. Some motorhome rentals companies include insurance in the basic rental fee and some don’t
  • Most motorhome rental companies offer you housekeeping package (silverware, pants, pots, etc) and will charge an additional fee.
  • If you don’t bring your own bedding, motorhome rentals will give you bedding package. The cost will be added to your rental fee.
  • A ‘Personal Kit’ fee which include sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, bath towel, etc. Approximate cost is $35 per person and all items must be returned at the end of the trip.
  • Cleaning fees are $150.00 per hour upon return of the rented motorhome if prior arrangements have not been made.
  • Motorhome rentals companies also offer a bike rack. It is optional though. The fee is around $8 per day.

Where To Rent A Motorhome

There are hundreds of motorhome rentals companies out there that offer late-model, fully furnished motorhome. You can use google to find them online. But make sure you are working with the reputable companies that can fit your budget.

One of the reputable motorhome rentals companies is Apollo RV which has branches across Australia, New Zealand, and United States. Check their website for more info.

Another one is Idea Merge whose branches across US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. You can check their website.

Tips & Warning

  • Take a test drive before you rent the motorhome to get familiar with the vehicle. Every motorhome rentals companies will allow you to do this.
  • Take time to read the rental agreement before signing the contract. Make sure you understand it.
  • Make sure the contracts include full documentation on motorhome rentals fees, including mileage fee, generator fee, and any additional fees.
  • Get a copy of rental’s policy regarding mechanical breakdown. Are they going to compensate you if this happens?
  • Travel as light as possible.

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