Paris Vacation: Things You Won't Read in a Travel Brochure

My wife and I are going to Paris. And as with every vacation, my wife started planning our trip and researching everything there needs to be known about this magic place. I haven't read a thing because I'm not interested in other cultures even in the ones I'm about to immerse in. Well, maybe a little interested, but lazy. I prefer to learn second hand about things like vacation spots because I research every day as part of my job. But after I heard what she had to say about Paris after a month of reading blogs, forums, and hotel ratings in Expedia, I just had to write this down for future generations of American travelers bound for Paris.

And these are not things you'll read in a travel brochure or a travel guide of Paris.

Paris People

Parisians, more specifically Parisians who work in hotels, are very rude people. I'm sorry but this is what everyone who's been to Paris is saying.

Paris Hotels

The hotel rooms in Paris are tiny compared to the ones we have in America. An Expedia customer wrote in a review that the rooms are so small that you barely have space to walk around the bed. Paris surely has larger rooms but they are at least $500 a night - for $500 I'll get a Villa at Caesars Palace.

The hotels are very old. They smell. They don't have hairdryers. The internet is included but never works. The breakfast included but it's no good. The windows face other moldy, gray buildings. Don't expect any view.

Paris Transportation

Taxi drivers are thieves - they'll drive you in circles and rip you off. You're better off using the Paris Metro.

You can't drive a car in Paris. The cars are as big as a Smart car and there are almost no garages or parking lots available. Hotels do not have garages. And to park your car, you'll have to go several blocks away and pay 25 to 37 euros per day.

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mike6181 profile image

mike6181 5 years ago

Thanks for the travel report, well done and concise...

Melanie52 profile image

Melanie52 5 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario

You make some very good points about Paris and with that I am a bit worried that your trip will be an unpleasant one. We spent two months in Paris and yes, I can tell you about some of the things that I was disappointed in but the good far outnumber the bad and I would go back. Leave behind all that you have read.

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