As I open the window in my room, I realized that it’s raining hard again. It is such a pain to have nothing to do @ home except to stare outside and count the raindrops falling from the angry sky. Now that I really wanna go out and do some shopping. One hundred one…one hundred two…one hundred three…Well, I may look stupid but I really want to see the rain stop. My friends would probably say I always complain. I complain when it’s so hot that I have to turn the air-condition on, and now, I’m also complaining the rainfall.

On the other hand, if you think about it, rain is not always something that’s appalling, we can think about it as a stroke of luck. Trees and veggies will grow more abundantly; you need not turn the air-conditioning on, you will be FORCED to stay home to do things you haven’t done for the longest time, and mostly, you get to spend time with your family.

How to Make it Worthwhile

First thing on my list is to do all the household chores that piled up big time. Since I am working on a shifting schedule, I must admit that I recently neglected my responsibility as a mom and as a wife. Place is such a mess, you should see it. You might say that I had a grand party and there was a huge stampede for things are scattered all over the place. Need I say more? That’s the price I have to pay for being a superwoman, err, a busy woman.

Next on the roll is thed laundry. Well, ok, I admit, I really don’t do the laundry. I bring it to the nearest laundry shop, I just need to put ‘em all together in one place. So that will be taken cared off once the rain stops.

Since I seldom play with my 3 year old kid, I will make this time to spend it with him, and since I don’t feel like playing his toys (not into toy cars and robots for Pete’s sake), and he loves watching, might as well do a movie marathon with him. And when I see his that his eyes are almost shutting off, he’s dead-beat and would rather go to sleep…I will put him to sleep and will cook something that will make my family say what a good chef I am (braggart! braggart!).

Readers might say it’s so tedious and you would more dread to be trapped @ home on endless rainy days.  Well, it’s a matter of perspective guys.  If you have not been doing something sensible for ages, and when you finally accomplished something good, like cleaning your toilet after 3 months, then it will really feel good in and out.  Of course not to think it gives me more time to write new hubs and blogs...

What's in store for me?

Now, if you’re not really the home buddy type that you get allergic even on the idea of doing indoor activities for five minutes, here are some tips on how to seize the rainy day:

1.       THROW A PARTY – If your budget permits you, then invite some of your friends also antsy to go out, make sure that they bring CD’s or DVD’s, if not food.  That will save you from going out and will still have fun.

2.       GO TO THE NEAREST COFFEE SHOP – That will make you a little warmer by sipping one of those famous cream-based lattes.  It is also nice to watch the rain through the windows of the coffee shops.  Make sure that you bring your laptop or a book or two to enjoy the moment more.  That may also give you some ideas on what to write for your next blog.

3.       HIT THE GYM – If you have a very hectic schedule at work and you really don’t have time to visit the gym, it’s about time you do it to loose those flabs that you put on for sitting in front of the computer forever and for eating a lot of junk food.  That will make you feel somewhat warmer and certainly better.  I just hope that you still continue to do it though even on sunny days.

4.       SHOP!!SHOP!! – This might contradict what I just said about me not being able to go out to shop because of the non-stop rain.  Well, again, this tip goes to those people out there who can’t bear the thought of being home for a minute.  Since obviously, there are roofs on practically all the shopping malls in the world, grab this chance to buy rainy-days outfits like cool sweater or jackets, socks and the likes.

5.       WATCH A MOVIE WITH YOUR FAMILY – If you already ran out of flicks to watch @ home and you can afford to treat your entire family to a trip to the nearby theater, tag everyone along and watch the latest film.  That will give you more bonding time with them; turn a not-so-good rainy day blues to a pleasurable rainy-day mood.  Again, same with number 4, majority of the movie houses have roofs so you’re free from colds and pneumonia.

6.       PIG OUT – Same thing as number 5, if you have budget to treat your love-ones, why not go to a classy or even not-so-classy restaurant and eat out.  Again, same thing goes for this, almost every classy restaurant in the earth should have roofs or they won’t be tagged classy at all.  I recommend that you pick a hot soup or something as part of your menu. Then have a hot tea after to contradict the cold weather.

7.       PLAY IN THE RAIN – Not everyone will agree on this.  It really feels good at some points to just play in the rain, feeling the rain drops falling to your face, being wet and all, splashing around in the puddles and the rain.  You can play tennis or basketball, like those we see on the movies, and still have fun. It’s not everyday that we have rain after all. Just don’t blame me if you get sick.

8.       WASH YOUR CAR – It’s your choice if you want to do it in the garage or in the park way.  I highly suggest though that you do it in the park way with the rain continuously flowing.  That will save you water and time, no need to go to all the effort of turning the water hose on.  After sponging your car with soap, it will be washed away automatically.  Then do the polishing part sometime later.

9.       FOR GIRLS: PAMPER YOURSELF – A lot of ladies feel bad when rain is non-stop, that their hair freezes, with cow licks and all, body being so tired and all, that their feet looks dry, face looks pale…Well, this is the best time to treat ourselves! Go to the nearest parlor or spa, and have those taken cared off.  We can always have our hair cut, or feet massaged, that will really make US better, with or without the rain.

10.   FOR GUYS: OUTDOOR SPORTS IS THE WAY TO GO – Lads can always go to the sports center to play bowling or basketball even if it’s raining hard.  Or you can play arcades while waiting for your girlfriend or wife finish the makeover session with a fashion guru.  If you have tried playing all the games in the world and your partner is still not yet done with the hairstylist or whatever, then try buying her gifts, sounds good, right?

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mushy_mai 7 years ago

rain! rain! go away.. come again another day. im so soaked =(

RGraf profile image

RGraf 7 years ago from Wisconsin

I enjoy the rain. Especially at night to fall asleep by.

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

I actually do, but sometimes you get stuck inside your house with nothing to do if rain won't stop...

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