A Residents Guide to the Real Ibiza


What is "The Real Ibiza" ?

Everyone has their own experience of the real Ibiza, that’s just one of the beauties of the Island.

Ibiza has something to offer everyone whether you’re looking for a blissful yoga holiday, a quiet peaceful escape or a hedonistic 48hours of non-stop partying (or somewhere in between).

Ask any Ibiza resident what they would say was best about Ibiza and you’ll get a thousand different replies, and most residents will tell you something totally unique that they love about the island.

The best thing to do is to find your own Ibiza experiences – do as much as you can while you’re on the island, speak to as many people, find out where they would go to eat, to watch the sunset, their favourite activity, where and at what time of year you can see dolphins.


VIP Luxury through to Flowers & Hippies

From the VIP extravagances and indulgences, the luxury villas and high-end hotels in Ibiza, hummers whisking you straight through the maze of kitchen corridors in Pacha to your exclusive VIP table overlooking the dance floor while you shimmy the night away with the likes of P Diddy and Paris Hilton to your side.

To the festival of San Joan which brings together locals, tourists and residents from all over the world in a week long extravaganza that couldn’t be further removed from the ostentatiousness of the Ibiza VIP world – with elaborately decorated neon street art, a calle that turns into a full on techno rave enjoyed by all generations into the following day, alongside fire jumping (to cleanse one of ones sins of the year), performances by local rock bands, hip hop dance groups, traditional folk dancing and so much more. There is also even a full-on flower power festival in San Josep. These are only a tiny part of the many facets of Ibiza’s multiple personality and culture which all come together to make part of the real Ibiza experience.

So what about this resident's guide to the best of Ibiza?

Experience it all! - not necessarily in this order, but get out there.

  • Clubbing get yourself to the unmissable Space Opening Party – and stay the distance, make friends with people from all over the world and dance the afternoon and night away until morning.
  • Then find an after (pool) party, and carry on until at least early afternoon.

More of Jordi Gavalda's stunning Ibiza photography here http://jordi-gavalda.blogspot.com
More of Jordi Gavalda's stunning Ibiza photography here http://jordi-gavalda.blogspot.com | Source
the view from Sa Talia
the view from Sa Talia | Source

Then find the rest of Ibiza..

  • Go for a ride on your bike through the heart of the Ibiza, taking in the beauty and the quiet of the campo, marvel at the traditional farming techniques, still alive in the countryside the same for hundreds of years.
  • Head to Salinas and people watch at Jockey Club – you never know which stars you’ll bump into. Then go back there one morning and run along the beach, appreciating it’s more natural beauty without all the toned and honed Sunseeker Crystal crew.
  • Walk through Dalt Vila and soak up the historic atmosphere of the old town. Stop and have a café con leche and watch the world go by.
  • Climb up Sa Talia and marvel at the views.
  • Find Atlantis, Be enraptured by the ominous magnetism of Es Vedra.
  • Watch sunset every night that you can and be happy that you’re able to be on one of the best and most beautiful islands in the world.

On an island where prices are high for most things, remember the old cliché, never truer than here, the best things in life are free.

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StarCreate profile image

StarCreate 5 years ago from Spain

Lovely! We live on the mainland and can see Ibiza from local mountaintops, yet never got around to travelling over yet. We'll make it soon, definitely want to visit. Great photos really make your hub special.

Ibiza Style profile image

Ibiza Style 5 years ago Author

hello (over) there :) and thanks. where do you live that you can see Ibiza from?

StarCreate profile image

StarCreate 5 years ago from Spain

Javea... if you can see the mainland at all from where you are you're probably seeing our mt Mongto!

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