How to get from Rio de Janeiro airports to Novo Rio bus station

The Novo Rio bus station is a option to many international tourists, as it is the cheapest solution to get you at some tourism destinations in the Rio de Janeiro State as Angra dos Reis, Buzios, and Paraty.

To go from the Rio airport to the Novo Rio bus station, you first have to know at what airport you are arriving. The Rio de Janeiro has two big airports: Tom Jobim International Airport (know as Galeão) and the Santos Dumont Airport. The international flights generally arrive at Galeão. But if you has a connection in São Paulo, for example, maybe you'll arrive at Santos Dumont.

From both airports you can get a taxi to the Novo Rio bus station. In the site you can estimate the value of the taxi, it's in portuguese but is easy to use, just fill Origem (From) and Destino (To) and press the button to see the price and the path in the map. But be warned that the amount you will pay can be much larger than that because unfortunately some taxis will take you the long way just to charge more.

Be very carefull outside the Novo Rio bus station, as it is surrounded by dangerous neighborhood with elevated degree of violence. Get off the taxi, take your bags and go inside.

There is the option of get urban bus from the airport to the Novo Rio that I don't cite because it's very unsafe in my opinion.

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Leandraluv profile image

Leandraluv 6 years ago from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I've learnt about the taxi drivers taking the long way to earn more. For carnival I was in Rio and thankfully we did not have any problems with taxis.

mochileiro profile image

mochileiro 6 years ago from Brazil Author


Most of the taxi drivers are honest. But is good be warned.

I also usually talk with the driver beforehand and set a maximum value. Then I will pay the taximeter value only if it's below the maximum. Most of them accept this, but unfortunately almost all drivers can't speak english, so it's hard to international tourists.

Thank you for dropping by my hub.

Guille 4 years ago

Take bus 2018! It has A/C and goes to both airports, GIG and SDU and the rodoviaria Novo Rio!!! Only 12 reais!!

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