Teleferico Cable Car, Benalmadena, Spain

The Teleferico Cable Car system affords visitors to Benalmadena - on Spain's Costa del Sol - the opportunity to travel to an altitude of 800 metres and to the summit of the Calamorro Mountain, one of the mountains in the range which traps Benalmadena between itself and the Mediterranean Sea. The trip up the mountain takes almost exactly fifteen minutes and the views grow ever more spectacular the higher you travel. From the top, the views truly have to be experienced to be believed.

Looking out of a Teleferico Cable Car

Bottom Station, Teleferico Cable Car
Bottom Station, Teleferico Cable Car
Teleferico Cable Car Ascends over Benalmadena
Teleferico Cable Car Ascends over Benalmadena
Benalmadena seen from near the top of the Teleferico Cable Car
Benalmadena seen from near the top of the Teleferico Cable Car

Going Up in the Teleferico Cable Car

It costs an adult 12.50 Euros (as at April 2009) for a return trip in the Teleferico Cable Car from Benalmadena and 9 Euros per child but the experience is well worth the outlay. As you ascend firstly over the inland suburbs of the town of Benalmadena and subsequently up the mountain, each new metre brings ever more spectacular views of the Costa del Sol, the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

The ground station for the Teleferico Cable Car is located only a very short walk from Benalmadena railway station and is therefore easily accessible to anyone staying in the resort or perhaps visiting for the day. Tickets are purchased from the kiosk right next to where you board the cable cars themselves.

Each individual cable car on the Teleferico Cable Car is designed to comfortably seat four adults, two at the front and two at the back. It is advisable to move around in the car as little as possible during the journey as doing so can not only make the trip extremely uncomfortable but potentially compromise the safety of all on board if the car is subsequently made to swing to an excessive extent.

The Definitive Guide to The Costa del Sol

Costa Del Sol Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs)
Costa Del Sol Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs)

This fantastic, pocket-sized guide has been produced to provide the visitor to the Costa del Sol with all the information they need to know both before travelling and during their trip. What to see and where, including fifteen detailed town and area maps; whatever you need to know about the Costa del Sol, this book will provide.

Top Station, Teleferico Cable Car
Top Station, Teleferico Cable Car
Mediterranean View from Summit of Calamorro Mountain
Mediterranean View from Summit of Calamorro Mountain
Looking towards Fuengirola from Summit of Calamorro Mountain
Looking towards Fuengirola from Summit of Calamorro Mountain
Inland View from Summit of Calamorro Mountain
Inland View from Summit of Calamorro Mountain

The Summit of Calamorro Mountain

When we reach the end of our fifteen minute ride in the Teleferico Cable Car, we are virtually at the summit of the Calamorro Mountain. There is a small cafe/restaurant for those who wish to take some refreshment at this stage - or perhaps a stiff drink to steady their nerves! - and a small stand which sells such as ice cream and soft drinks.

There are a number of walks which the visitor can take, to and towards the summit itself. Guard rails are provided but the paths are cut in to the stone and sensible shoes or hiking boots are highly recommended, especially if the weather is wet.

The views to be seen from the summit and trails include looking north-east towards such as Torremolinos and Malaga, south-west towards Fuengirola and inland over the quarries we can see in abundance throughout the mountain range.

It is likely that we will wish to take endless photographs during our trip on the Teleferico Cable Car and our time spent exploring the summit of the Calamorro Mountain, so it is advisable to have spare film or a high capacity memory card for our cameras at this time.

The views, however, are not the only attraction to be found at the summit of the Calamorro Mountain, as we can hopefully see from the details provided below. Our cable car ticket also includes access to a very special show, which normally takes place twice a day, weather permitting, and details can be found from the ticket office. 

Perhaps Sangria would be your Stiff Drink of Choice?

If you do find yourself in need of that stiff drink at the top of Calamorro Mountain when disembarking from the Teleferico Cable Car, it may well be that you would opt for the traditional Spanish fruit punch that is Sangria.

Sangria is often a very potent mixture of red wine, fruit juice and pieces, carbonated water or lemonade and two or even three spirits. There is a way, however, in which we can easily and economically make a very passable Sangria in the comfort of our own homes:

Simple Sangria Recipe

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The Birds of Prey Show, Calamorro Mountain

Golden Eagle with Handler
Golden Eagle with Handler

The birds of prey show which is on offer to visitors at the summit of the Calamorro Mountain is spectacular to say the least. Watching such as the Golden Eagle pictured above swooping in on its artificial "prey" is a fantastic and almost surrealistic experience.

There are a number of different birds of prey included in the event but unfortunately the display during our visit had to be cut short due to the prevailing wind conditions. Hopefully, we will have the chance to make a return trip some day to watch the performance in full.

You've seen the Pictures - now Watch the Spectacular Video!

How Good is Your Spanish?

The Everything Spanish Phrase Book: A Quick Reference for Any Situation
The Everything Spanish Phrase Book: A Quick Reference for Any Situation

It is a fact that especially in the parts of Spain which cater particularly for tourists, a great many of the natives speak at least passable English. Why, however, should we assume that this will be the case? They are in their own country and quite correctly should expect to speak in their own language.

This excellent, easy to use, Spanish phrase book guides us through all the basic Spanish we are likely to need during any brief trip to Spain. It tells us how to ask for directions, order a drink, or order a meal, as well as lots, lots more. It is comprehensively indexed and even includes a pronounciation guide.

Don't simply assume that your hosts will be able to converse with you in your language - make at least an attempt at conversing with them in theirs and gain their respect, admiration and gratitude.


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Have you Travelled in the Teleferico Cable Car? 8 comments

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Wow, you did it again. Another great hub. I felt as though I was experiencing the trip with you. Thanks for this great insight into this area.

I laughed to myself when you said some people might like a stiff drink to steady their nerves when they got to the top of the mountain. We took the longest cable car ride ( in the U.S.) up to the top of Sandia Peak in New Mexico one time and felt EXACTLY like doing that! It was a larger cable car holding many people. The one you described holding only four people would probably be even scarier.

Looking forward to your next hub!

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

I've been there, the views are stunning and on the way back the children can continue the fun in Tivoli Park!

Curious Traveller profile image

Curious Traveller 7 years ago from United Kingdom Author

Thanks, Peggy. We too have been in the bigger cable cars in Austria and there is no doubt that one does feel a little bit more secure. The smaller ones are certainly "exhilarating," however!

Very true, Princessa - though we gave the amusement park a miss in the absence of any children!

MikeR270967 6 years ago

Hi all, yes, I went up with my wife and 2 daughters. We went up at night so the views we got were all just the lights round the coast. It was beautiful. The ride was a bit scary. There is one steep bit where the cable car goes up very steeply instead of along. Best advice... Sit still.

Great fun and would do it again.

MAMBORD profile image

MAMBORD 6 years ago from spain

Great hub! Next summer, during our hollidays in Costa del Sol, we'll travel in this telesferico. We already have travelled at the Madrid's one. It's an exciting experience.


Georgina Hill 6 years ago

Teleferico was well worth taking and display of birds of prey was breathtaking especially when they are taking their exercise in free flight away from sanctuary. Not advised for anybody with babies in prams as the very best views of free flying birds of prey and the coastline are inaccessible(hard climb up precarious, steep, narrow paths) to any but the most fit adults!

louis 6 years ago

Anyone know wat the times are?

jacobkuttyta profile image

jacobkuttyta 6 years ago from Delhi, India

nice hub

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