Timeshare Presentations = Cheaper Vacations?

Imagine staying at a 4-5 star, all-inclusive resort (yes, that’s food along with alcoholic beverages) for less than $50 dollars a day. Too good to be true? Not really. It’s very doable if you can manage to sit through a presentation offering you the opportunity to own a timeshare with that resort. If you are unaware of what a timeshare presentation is, it is basically a presentation given to a vacationer by a sales rep from the resort or hotel they represent attempting to sale an accommodation in that resort along with a certain amount of weeks for the buyer to utilize with a fixed payment anywhere from 10-30 years. Many people fear the dreaded “90 minute” presentation that can often times come with a vacation promotion but in the end it’s well worth it if you are persistent enough to “no” your way through it. And who knows, you might actually be interested and find yourself the owner of a wonderful retirement spot. Some may think of it as taking advantage of a hotel chain but I see it as helping one to be able to take an affordable vacation with family and friends. If it's offered why not take it?

Most young people do not see the offering as an opportunity but it is an investment if one has expendable cash in their budget. But I’m not here to talk about how it’s a great investment. I’m here to inform you that there is great opportunity in doing timeshare presentations in order to have a pleasurable and considerably cheaper vacay. They don’t have to be looked down upon as a waste of time. Offers for doing presentations such as these can give you free hotel stays, free or discounted excursions and sometimes discounts or free cuisines at top restaurants in the area for you and your companions. There are also incentives for cash anywhere from $150-$200. Let’s say your presentation even runs over by an hour and half, if your incentive is cash, you just made anywhere from $50-$66 per hour? How much do you make at your job? And if it takes only an hour and a half your pay for that time is well worth it if you can spare the time in your vacation. Some pros often work the system of such offers and attend more than one presentation at other nearby resorts that eagerly want you to check out your resort's competition, pretty much making back half if not more of their traveling expenses.

By selecting an earlier time to do your presentation you won’t even feel like you’ve lost much time during your stay. Yes you may walk away feeling as though it took all day but if you’re in by 8 and out by 9:30 or 10:30 you still have the rest of the day to enjoy your vacation. Plus, most presentations come with a breakfast or lunch buffet. So not only do you get a tour of the property to get you acclimated to your surroundings, there's also a delicious free meal in it to boot! The sooner after arriving to the resort you schedule it, the better. It’s easy to want to see the premises and enjoy a day of relaxation in your fresh clean A+ hotel suite after having a rough and tumble experience dealing with security at the airport and traveling to get to your accommodations but if you can get down to business and schedule your inevitable presentation the following day after you arrive it will be over that much sooner. If you wait a couple of days later after settling into your plush surroundings and enjoying the amenities of your hotel, you will not want to leave those luxuries to be bothered by a sales pitch. Better to get it over with before you start the decompressing process.

Once your presentation begins there is no reason to have a mean poker face on or speak in uncooperative tones. It is rare that you will get a salesperson that is ugly to you or someone who strong arms you into a sale. If you go into the presentation knowing that you probably can't afford it just simply state such at the right moment. Sure your timeshare representative will come down in several pricings. You will actually be amazed with how far they can bend for you. And again, if the price turns out to be something that is really attractive to you then you really have a win-win of getting a good deal on your accommodations as well as an option for future traveling. But if it's nothing that you can manage just be firm and tell the rep that it is impossible for you at that time. Don't waste their time seeing how low they will go if you are truly not interested. This will cause a bad taste amongst you and the salesperson. Don't forget, that this is their job and you wasting their time for your own kicks is unnecessary and cruel. Get in and get out. Chances are high they already know whether you are serious or not.

Bottom line is that timeshare presentations can be an opportunity towards discounted pricings for hotel rooms or activities along with free select items that could come in handy as souvenirs for the folks back home. Though cash and freebies are the goal for most, I have heard numerous stories of vacationers that have gone into presentations with a stern mindset to say no and end up realizing that it may be something they would like to own. What you have to realize is that not all of what most think of as ramblings of a rep are the same song and dance. Different resort chains may have an attractive offer that most don't. So you never know when one of your freeloading plots will backfire and you find yourself doing what you said you'd never do. I even found myself falling interested into the lulls of a sales pitch and struck a deal with my representative. If you're up for the challenge and feel you can hold your own in the ring with a sales rep it can be worth the benefits you receive. But as I said before if you're not interested, state so at the end and go on about your vacation. You won't lose anything more than a few hours of your time.

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mary615 profile image

mary615 4 years ago from Florida

I love this concept. I got a free cruise once for listening to one of these. It was well worth my time to listen. I've also done a condo presentation for which I got a set of luggage just for listening. I don't hear of these offers any more. I think they got a bad rap because some of the presenters were very pushy. Great Hub. If I got an invitation again, I'd do it.

NiaG profile image

NiaG 4 years ago from Louisville, KY Author

Not many people like doing it. I guess they feel a certain amount of pressure that they can't handle. I just came back from Cancun and we got our room for $299, all inclusive, for 6 days. Split between two. Almost $150 each, we couldn't resist. And the time before that, I got a 4 day vacation at that resort. I'm all about 'em. Thanks for stopping by Mary! :-)

BrendaMcCloud profile image

BrendaMcCloud 4 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

I own 2 timeshares. I have learned to take advantage of sales presentations to my advantage. I am not afraid because I am not buying anymore. I have mastered the art of timeshare sales presentations and have a few good stories. Sometimes I have even had the final sales rep say they will give me a week! I take theses opportunities to help pay for my trips(spending money) when I go to Mexico (once or twice a year)or get a free massage or go on a tour. You can barter with them too!!!

NiaG profile image

NiaG 4 years ago from Louisville, KY Author

Brenda you got it! On my last trip I met some owners that owned elsewhere also and they do the same thing. If it's offered why not take it. So far I've not been burned by it or called out for it so I'm gonna keep on keepin' on. Thanks for dropping in a comment! Have a terrific day!

BrendaMcCloud profile image

BrendaMcCloud 4 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

Nia, I had all of my food and shopping expenses paid on one trip!

It works if you work it!

Lara 4 years ago

A friend of mine stayed at a nice hotel in Sedona, AZ a few years ago for $35 a night in exchange for listening to a time share presentation. I can't remember which hotel or where to go to get a deal like that. Does anyone know how I can find a deal like that? I am going to Sedona next weekend.

NiaG profile image

NiaG 4 years ago from Louisville, KY Author

That's a good question. I don't know where you can seek out such a find. I've always gone to a resort that offered it. My friend happened upon the last one I went to. Most new and upcoming resorts offer them. Possibly if you do a search in the Sedona, Arizona area, you may find a new resort opening. Make an anonymous call to that resort and see if they offer timeshare promotions to view their new resort.

You might want to try to go to websites like Homeaway.com or VRBO.com where timeshare holders are putting up their timeshares for rent. Those would be the resorts you can give a call to. Wherever people have timeshares that's where you will find timeshare presentations. Hope this helped a little.

Vicky 4 years ago

What are some websites that offer these discounted hotel resorts for a sales presentation?

NiaG profile image

NiaG 4 years ago from Louisville, KY Author

In the past I've gone to Pueblo Bonito resorts in MX and I know all of their resorts have timeshare presentations. Any resorts that offer timeshares will probably have presentations associated with them. The above picture is of Villa Del Palmar. Most of their properties are in MX as well.

LadyFiddler profile image

LadyFiddler 4 years ago from Somewhere in the West

Interesting Hub Niag ;) How do you pronounce your name? never heard of it before.

Thanks for sharing this hub

NiaG profile image

NiaG 4 years ago from Louisville, KY Author

Thanks! It's pronounced Nee-ya. The G is for my last name.

Barbie Monroe 3 years ago

If you are not interested in purchasing a timeshare, do not attend a timeshare presentation! The free gifts are not worth wasting a day of your vacation, and putting your hard earned money at risk of being scammed by the timeshare salespeople. http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/89-timeshare-pre...

NiaG profile image

NiaG 3 years ago from Louisville, KY Author

I just think it depends on every person's point of view. If you don't mind having ALMOST HALF of a day of your vacay taken up, you can win in the situation.

ICM-Vacations profile image

ICM-Vacations 2 years ago from Swarthmore, PA

great info on how to make great use of the their presentations.. most people don't realize they do pressure but you are not a hostage.. so enjoy

chrissy 2 years ago

I'm looking for Miami trip but can't find none

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