Where is the Birthplace of King Arthur?

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Tintagel Ruins

While many cities and towns have been named as the possible birthplace of King Arthur, one of them - Tintagel is the one that most experts suggest is the probable place of his birth.

Tintagel which lies on the north east coast of Cornwall in the UK draws thousands of visitors each year wanting to get a glipse of this mysterious town full of stories and legends.

It was first brought to attention from the fictitious work of Geoffrey of Monmouth who wrote History of the Kings of Britain.  According to Geoffrey, Arthur's story starts when his father Uther Pendragon falls in love with his enemies wife Igerna.  Gorlois sends his wife Igerna to Tintagel for protection from Uther, however Uther convinces Merlin to use his magic to make him look like Gorlois, creeps in to the castle, sleeps with Igerna and she conceives Arthur.

Other famous Cornish sites are also linked to various parts of the Arthurian legend including the Isle of Avalon within the Isles of Scilly which is said to be King Arthur's final resting place.

The story of King Arthur still brings enjoyment and wonder to many people, even today and is one of the best known legends of our time.  Many movies and television adaptations have shown the Athurian legend over the years each focusing on different aspects of his supposed life.

How much of the legend is true history, and how much is pure fantasy is still speculated today however, but that doesn't stop many people visiting Cornwall and especially Tintagel (which have many Camelot Castle Hotel's to choose from) to try and feel a part of the story and learn more about the man and they myths behind him.

Camelot Castle in Tintagel

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GusTheRedneck profile image

GusTheRedneck 7 years ago from USA

Hello Traceye... History is fun (even if I cannot pronounce the names). ;-)

badonicus 5 years ago

Experts don't agree that Tintagel is where an historic Arthur was born. In fact, experts agree on very little when it comes to Arthuriana. If he existed, could he have been born there? Possibly. But since no one knows where he was from, no one can say.

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