One place you will want to visit

If you never go anywhere in the world go to M e x i c o.

You won't regret your decision.


Matamoros, Mexico is located at the southern most point of Texas. It's quite close to Brownsville, Texas.

Once you pass that border from the United States into another country, you get this amazing feeling like... I did it.

I've never been outside the U.S before, but when I went it was amazing.

It was on a day thing so we went about 10 a.m to about 4 p.m. We left before it got dark. We encountered some problems trying to enter back into the United States.

One of the girls that went with us, didn't have a driver's license. So we had to stay there until her mother faxed her the information. It's only procedure.

Things to know:

You will have to get your money switched over if they give you pesos.
You need a Driver's license, ID, or some sort of passport to enter back.
Dress lightly-- because you will be hot.
Take hats, sunglasses, umbrellas.
Take a camera.

To be honest. I'm ready to go back. It was a great adventure and I'm ready for Round two.


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