Why I Like Russian People!

Russian People

I love Russian people. I have traveled to Russia several times, had Russian friends , neighbors or just knew Russian people and have always admired them. Well, most of them at least.

One thing that had always struck me about them is their innate intelligence. I don't think that comes from them reading so much, I believe they are just born with it. The average Russian has above the average intelligence and I don't mean IQ score, I mean their ability to perceive and interpret the world around them. Don't try to lie to a Russian, he will see trough you. Most Russians will figure it out pretty quick no matter what the situation is.

I spent one month in Moscow as an exchange student and observed how much they like to read. I mean they READ, everywhere. They read on their way to the subway, waiting for the train, in the train, sitting, standing, they keep on reading. Their small apartments are cramped with books which they keep or exchange for more books. They don't just read the newspaper, oh no, they read everything - Russian, French and American literature, philosophy, science, history, foreign languages, current events. Most of them will know what is happening not only in Russia but pretty much around the whole world.

Russian literature is very deep as it reflects the complexity, intelligence, love, hate and ambiguity of the people. If you have not yet read world literature, I suggest not starting with the Russian novels, as they may overwhelm you. Once you read a Russian novel, you will never forget it.

Another thing I'd like to mention is how good looking Russians are. Most of them always look classy (they do like expensive things), but even if they can't afford it they try to have style. I have not been around the whole world but I need to say that Moscow has the best looking men and women (I was looking at the men) from all the places that I have been. And I walked sightseeing Moscow a lot, my host Natasha wanted to make sure that I saw everything.

Well, that will be a poor hub on the Russians if I don't say that they sure like to drink, a lot. They know how to party and have fun "Na zdorovje"

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Comments 54 comments

CarinaLamendola 7 years ago

Wow! You've been to Russia? I used to study Russian. I'm jealous. Very jealous!

Angela_1973 profile image

Angela_1973 7 years ago Author

I really enjoyed Russia, it's an amazing experience!

But you live in NY and this should be pretty interesting too.

Resolver2009 profile image

Resolver2009 7 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway

From Russia with love!

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Which books would you recommend? Crime and Punishment was one of my favorites in my youth, and of course Dr. Zhivago. But what else? I would like to request a hub on Russian writers you like and why! Thanks!

Angela_1973 profile image

Angela_1973 7 years ago Author

Dear Storytellersrus, you got me seriously thinking about a Russian writers hub, I need to say right now though that my years of taking Russian and Russian literature in school gives me very little edge on writing on such a topic, I will have to go back about 20 years ago and reread my textbooks. Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita is a very good book which I am about to reread now, i remember being very impressed with it, it was hard to read but totally worth it.

Rob Dee profile image

Rob Dee 6 years ago from Florida

Do you speak Russian?

dimas 6 years ago

russia - great country

Kostya_Pegov 6 years ago

All greetings! I from Russia! And I would like to talk to somebody. If you want can write to me on ICQ:2750738.

Chris 6 years ago

I agree with you respecting to intelligence. It's truth I don't know people from other country like them. so smart and so sensitive people. However you forgot to mention something. Russian people don't see or understand the values like occident or american continent and western europe. Example girls and guys love money which is not bad, but they are ready to do anything to get it. Anything. specially girls. The first priority is money and live comfortable at any price. In Usa you will see girl working as streap tease dancers, scorts places or getting married with very old people with money. Guys are similar, try to work or be barely between legal or illegal situations to no save money. One more thing They know the love in different way., They start the love with " passion" physical attraction and no really love. hard to explain here. You may read more about online.

Karina S. profile image

Karina S. 6 years ago from USA

Love your hub about Russia and Russian people.(I am from Russia, so I am not bias, LOL). Do you speak Russian?


Angela_1973 profile image

Angela_1973 6 years ago Author

Hi Karina and Rob,

I can understand a lot of Russian and speak some, not as good as I would like to

Anna 6 years ago

hah) I'm from Russia and I should say WE READ A LOT )

Anna 6 years ago

Chris! U're not right at all! There are 2 types of people, to speak generaly, who prefer money to soul and and vice versa. And these two kinds of people you can meet all over the world.

What about russian girls who will do everything for money it's just a cliché and I (beeing a russian girl of 20 years old) can say, that u're not right :)

Angela_1973 profile image

Angela_1973 6 years ago Author

Chris, I do respect your opinion, however I have to agree with Anna, young girls from all over the world marry older men for money not just the Russian ones, just look at Anna Nicole Smith.

SovietCity profile image

SovietCity 6 years ago from UK/Russia

Nice hub. During my first trip to Moscow I was amazed to see people reading everywhere. In the UK its rare to see somebody reading a book in public.

Alexandra 6 years ago

Guys, I'm Russian, and I am NOT from Moscow but now I live there. So, what I could say that you must not judge about the Russians just based on moscow experience. There is a proverb in Russia that Moscow is another country - the rest of the Russia is absolutely (!) different. And you will not find any the Russian who likes Moscowians except themselves.

Ivan Balashov 6 years ago

and we do smile) chek this out,google this "why russians don't smile" bulls s*@#$t!!!!!!!

From Moscow 6 years ago


Yeah, sure, everyone in other regions of Russia hates citizens of Moscow. But! "Guys, I'm Russian, and I am NOT from Moscow but now I live there." As you may see, most of you would extremely like to become a so called "Moscowian".


thx for an interesting hub!

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 6 years ago from Florida

Wow! I love pictures of the beautiful architecture of Russia. I have known many Russians in America, as well as a multitude of other people from around the world. I have known people from Israel, Egypt, Romania, France, England, Italy, Africa... The truth of it is that in America we probably read less than we used to, and far less than we should. Most people, from what we used to call "The Old World", read more than we do. It is sad, to tell the truth. My family devours books at the rate of five a week per person at times. I find that as a general rule we Americans have too much instant stimuli, and not enough imagination. I will probably get shot down for that, but there it is. I would say the average European could beat us even in a US history test. Check out Eddie Izzard some time. He is from England and could educate us on our own US history. In fact my daughter said she wished she had him for a history teacher.

I personally love the Russian accent, and the passion of the argument. Not that I love to argue, just arguing with a Russian is like Ballet, an art.

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Good hub I agree with you completely, especially their fashion sense and their intelligence. I appreciate you adding my link and I will add yours as well. Cheers.

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 6 years ago from USA

What an outstanding hub! You described Russian people the way they are, so true. They say that people in Russia read more than in any other country in the world. When you get to see people in Russia reading everywhere where it is possible, you see that this statement is true.

You are also right about their cloths style. A woman there gets dressed even to go to a neighborhood grocery store. I still cannot make myself go grocery shopping in shorts. LOL. I linked this hub to my hub about Russians.

Michael Kuznetsov 6 years ago

Bravo, Angela!

I was so stunned when having stumbled upon this post of yours that I dropped my vodka bottle and startled my pet bear.



Anastasia 5 years ago

There are no people about which it would be thought up so much lie and slander, as about Russian people. Catherine II

Gleb 5 years ago

I must agree with the guy who wrote that all young people in Russia have essential desire to earn a lot money no matter how, and its ? big problem for my country...

Aliya 5 years ago

Hey, guys, I'm from Russia too. It's a really beautiful place. I'm proud that I was born here. But I don't live in Moscow, I live in Kazan. Maybe somebody knows about Kazan. So, I want to improve my english, can you help me? ICQ 588492165 . I hope you will help me))

Ilya 5 years ago

Can't help writing this. There is such a thing as STEREOTYPE. The most stereotypical image of a russian, which I love the most (but still believe it has already faded) is this: a guy in ushanka, vodka in one hand and a leash with a bear in the other hand; the bear is playing balalayka XDDD. Guys, be serious, I don't deny, that every nation has its special characteristic features, but we shouldn't take it too categorical. Such a pity to learn that there are people like Chris, who consider russian girls ready to do everything for money, even stripdancing. Our girls are NOT like that, and whores you know, they are everywhere. I even can guess that such girls, usually goal-seeking and bold, settle in a more prosperous country easier, they are afraid of nothing, and it doesn't depend on their nationality. As far as reading is concerned, you know, today's generation reads less than the previous one. That's the truth =( And one more thing: we do smile! :)

gb.rubytuesday 5 years ago

Maybe someone can help me. I live in the US and my boyfriend travels to Russia. His best friend is a 28year old woman from Russia. She is coming to visit for three months. I am so afraid I will offend her or insult her in some way without realizing it. She is staying with my boyfriend the whole time and I really want to make a good first impression and hopefully build a relationship with her too. Any tips?

Max 5 years ago

you should be polite, and don't think that Russian people are very unfunny and sad. the most of all i like in russian nation that they have a great sense of humour:)

Stanley 5 years ago

gb.rubytuesday - yeah be polite, and don't forget to open your soul, i mean like be sincere in befriending her. And she will ask you: who won the WWII, don't say US won, say idk many countries won in different approaches.

Anna 5 years ago


I think she is excited as much as you do and of course she wants to make a good impression on you, too. Just be yourself, we like it;)

P.S.: she won't ask you who won the WWII, believe me:D

irina 5 years ago

Speak English, dress Italian, drive German, kiss French, be Russian)

Serge 5 years ago

Do you really want to know Russia and The Russians go in the Siberia... This Russia and Russian are really differ from Russia in Moscow! It's differ in different ways... I don't say that Siberia Russia is worst o better than Moscow Russia but it's real Russia! The people of tis Russia is real Russians! They have other level of income, but another way they have another level of free time! and so on...

Shortly! Want to know Russia well, began from the East part of It... Good luck!

emily 5 years ago

my friend has a russian child evry june till july 11.There one that came and were so fuuny i wett my self,she were called dizyanna.The one that's here now is called liza shes addoorable.

AlexandraP 5 years ago

Oh, you all love Russia? I live in the city of Tyumen. And I want to tell you that there are not so interesting. I don't know about Moscow... But, for example, in Los Angeles is definitely prettier and cleaner than in Russia as a whole. Or maybe just I think so, because I live in Russia?

Daria 5 years ago

AlexandraP, I've been in Tyumen once, Moscow is much cleaner and it's much cleaner in St Petersburg then in LA (been there too), I think it's a problem of your hometown, not a whole country

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia

Hello Angela. Thanks for sharing your experience. Russians are very warm hearted people. I love Russia.

Evgenia 4 years ago

Dear Alexandra, I've been as Daria in both and Saint Pitersburg is much more lean then all above. Russia is a great country with a great potential fund to grow up. We should be happy to live here and proud of our country. I've lived in Moscow and ALL, be realistic, its another country! Moscow is a huge separate world with different rules with people from all over trying to leave or survive. But exist, different Russia, with kind intelligent bright people. Just don't look outside search inside of this country.

Stranger 4 years ago

Long live Soviet Union!Long live Mother-Russia!

Maxim 4 years ago

Greetings my name is Maxim, I from Russia the Great country.

Actually it at all truth that at us in Russia------- BEARS - is not so!!!!)))

AlenkA) 4 years ago

I love Russia and I think that it is the remarkable country, with the Russian mentality

The soul of Russian for the American not always is clear...

Ольга 4 years ago

Angela_1973hank you very much for your warm words about Russian FEDERATION!!we you that we love!!!)))))))) and to us too a great deal is liked and interesting in your country.arrive yet!!)))))))

Ольга 4 years ago

Angela_1973thank you very much for your warm words about Russian FEDERATION!!we you too love!!!)))))))) and to us too a great deal is liked and interesting in your country.arrive yet!!)))))))

Anastasia 4 years ago

Aw... I'm Russian and it was so pleasant to read it... Thank you so much for these words...

Andrej (from Moscow) 4 years ago


Really like this article You wrote about Russia.

What You wrote here is actually very accurate about Russians and life in Russia.

It is nice to hear that You went all the way to Russia to see what life is like here, it is also great that You are interested in Russian culture and literature, just wish there were more people like You who took such a deep interest in Russia.

I hope that in the future the Russian government will fund an extensive exchange program for Bulgarian University students to come often to Russia (and for Russians from any University to go regularly to Bulgaria),that would be Great.

I know so many students who would love to study in Bulgaria (in fact there are some Russian students I know that went to study in Bulgaria from start to finish for the whole length of their university course - usually Medicine or Dentistry).


ksenia 4 years ago

Russian people smile really less than foreigners.That's why many people say we are gloomy and unfriendly.Actually we are very sincere - we prefer real, maybe negative, feelings to affected smiles.

Рашка 4 years ago

Кто б перевёл бы.... Кто там спик раша?

Ярослав 3 years ago

Рашка, мы умные, красивые и любим читать.

... 3 years ago

Ну честно россияне действительно не часто улыбаются мы как Grumpy Cat. Зато мы душки и у нас есть снег.

Аня 3 years ago

Ярослав, там не написана что мы красивые)

Gerasim 3 years ago

Добрые )))))))))) Честные ))))))))) Трудолюбивые ))))))))))

Pavel 3 years ago

This is very interesting to read this.

Thera are very much comments about "russian totalitarizm", "russian gloomy " and so on. This is interesting to read the good opinion about russian culture.

About russian books:

see Lev Tolstoi, Nikolai Gogol -- this is most greatest russians novelers.

See olso Alexander Ostrovsky -- I think, he is greater, then Bernard Show and Shakespeare!!!

If you interested of Russian Filosophy you can read Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov -- this is Greate Russian Ortodox filosopher!!!

MODERN russian filosophy of XXI century: Vladimir Nicolaevich Trostnicov, Andrey Ilich Fursov, Sergei Erevandovich Kurginynan, Andrei Vecheslavovich Kuraev...

Thank you, Angela_1973


!!! Sorry of my bag english.!!! (But I speak in russian, japan and france %)))


Рома 3 years ago

Больше всего меня поразило в статье то, что она восхищается тем что русские знают что происходит не только в своей стране, но и во всём мире. Как можно жить и не знать что происходит за границей. Смотрел видео как у американцев спрашивали на улице где находится та или иная страна и предлагали воткнуть иголку в карту. Так они ВООБЩЕ не знают географию. Воюют с ираном и не знают где он находится... Это просто деградация; живут хорошо - значит можно ничего не делать.

Я горд тем, что я русский. (Русский и россиянин - это разные вещи)

Valeria 3 years ago

Я тоже и России.Тут кто-нибудь на русском говорит?

Хочу сказать,что у нас в России все люди очень разные ,но у нас всех есть особое качество,мы любим веселится!

Амина. Amina. 14 months ago

А я русская) Американцы! Не ругайтесь на нас! у нас не танцуют мишки и не постоянно бухают! У нас отличная страна!

Мне, к примеру - Америка нравится.) Хорошие фильмы, праздники) да и сама страна красивая!)

Давайте дружииить!)

And I'm Russian) Americans! Do not swear at us! We are not dancing bears and not constantly booze! We have a great country!

I, for example - America is like.) Good movies, holidays) and the country itself is beautiful!)

Let's Dreieich!)

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