Why Teen Tours Are A Great Way to see the USA

Traveling across the U.S.A. is an experience like no other. The country's diversity in people and places makes each destination exciting as the next. The ever changing landscape never ceases to amaze even the most seasoned cross-country traveler: the desert, the ocean, wheat fields, cities, mountains, farms, and even swamps.

There are many types of tours and itineraries to choose from. From religious organized tours to biking to camping, pick one that suits your interests or curiosities. You will immediately be surrounded by other teens looking for the same thing; to meet new friends, have new travel experiences, and have a great time!

One only needs to glance at a map to see that the United States of America is a huge country! It cannot be seen in just a few days (the whole country that is). Most people, after a certain age, no longer have the luxury of two month vacations. That is why teenagers have such an advantage. Summer vacation is the BEST time to take advantage of the countless adventures this country has to offer.

Touring doesn't have to be part of an organized larger group either. You can get a group of friends together (with parents' permission, of course!) and go about creating your own itinerary. Students can get Student Discount Cards and even Student Flights from places like STA Travel and benefit from on-going deals provided by the global leader in student travel. You can also approach your school about organizing a voluntary summer trip to a place you studied or discussed in one of your classes, for example, Washington D.C.. Perhaps, the class organizes a fundraiser to help offset any costs so that every student who wants to can go.

Alternatively, you can also look at programs at colleges and universities that offer summer courses to high school students. There will be plenty of other students from elsewhere you could join up with on the weekends and discover new places and experiences together!

There are many choices of teen tours that will offer programs you may be specifically looking for. Here are a list of just a few:








Summer is a great time to hit the road in the good ole' USA. If you were planning on just hanging around, or sitting at a pool all day, then rethink your plans. Joining an organized (official or unofficial) teen tour is a much more stimulating, fun, and perhaps, even more challenging way to spend your summer.

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Wendy 8 years ago

Thanks for this article, I am printing out for my son. He is 15 years old and a little shy - I told him he couldn't stay home this summer, unless he got a full time job. Maybe he'd like to do this instead! I think it would bring him out of his shell.

Bill 5 years ago

I have been on several teen tours with ATW Teen Tours and they are amazing. Everyone should check them out. Here's their website and "LIKE" their FB page:



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