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How NOT to travel

We've all seen her - the woman wearing 4-inch heels tottering through airport security then slowly wobbling to her gate with her oversized Louis Vuitton bag in tow. One can only wonder, "What on earth is she thinking?" Well, she's thinking she looks hot, though most everyone else is wondering why she doesn't break out her sneakers (or at least a pair of Chanel flats)!

Women traveling light. Photo by shoothead (flickr)
Women traveling light. Photo by shoothead (flickr)

Travel light

True, it can be difficult to look your best when traveling, as you can't bring your entire wardrobe or complete line of Esteé Lauder shadows and lipsticks without seriously weighing yourself down. There are, however, packing tips and travel clothing mixes that can help you look and feel good while traveling. First, you want to pack light. Why, you ask, when there are porters at the airport to lug your bags from the car to check-in, and from the taxi to the hotel?

Packing light saves time (a porter with six bags is slower than a woman-in flats-with one); money (no additional baggage fees, no tipping the porter); and the environment (less luggage means less fuel wasted to carry it). Of course, the main advantage is not having to watch luggage go round in circles at baggage claim (unless you're a NASCAR fan and you like that sort of thing). When you lug it yourself, it's less likely to be broken, lost or stolen, or "accidentally" picked up by someone who has a bag just like it.

Travel guru Rick Steves believes you should limit yourself to twenty pounds of travel clothing in a bag that will fit under the airplane seat. Yes, weighing your luggage might be a bit anal, but it's still a good idea. Admittedly, if you pack light, you will have less to wear, but that does not mean you can't look tres chic.

Adventurous Wenches on the trail.Photo by Adventurous Wench (flickr)
Adventurous Wenches on the trail.Photo by Adventurous Wench (flickr)

Choosing travel clothes

The key to selecting travel clothes is interchangeability. Every top should go with every bottom for maximum versatility. Stick with simple, classic styles in a basic color scheme-neutrals, beige, black, navy, etc., in similar fabrics. (If you'll be in a hot, muggy environment, skip the dark colors.) For instance, you don't want to wear a wool sweater with linen pants - but if you don't already know that, then just put twenty pounds of clothing in a bag and go.

Certain fabrics also travel better than others. Leave the linen and cotton (which wrinkle easily) home, unless you know they'll be an iron in your room, and feel like spending some of your vacation time standing over an ironing board. Otherwise, go with travel clothing in synthetic blends that don't wrinkle, or items that look good wrinkled, like naturally wrinkled crinkle fabrics. As you probably know, rolling your clothes and/or packing them in plastic will also cut down on wrinkles.


Weekend Weather in Boston. Photo by Brian Sawyer (flickr)
Weekend Weather in Boston. Photo by Brian Sawyer (flickr)

Check the weather

Check the weather for your destination online to better tweak your clothing choices. You can get a ten-day forecast, which really helps, especially if the weather that week for that place is different than normal. If the weather has a tendency to fluctuate, then pack clothing that can be worn in layers (T-shirts for day, light sweaters for evening, etc.). Remember, you can pack the same amount of clothing whether you're traveling for a week or a month, if you just plan a trip or two to a local Laundromat or use the hotel laundry service.

If necessary, you can buy things as you travel (as if a small suitcase would stop you!). Caught in a downpour? Pick up an inexpensive umbrella or plastic rain gear that you can leave behind (toss or donate to charity). Also consider bringing old clothes for travel that are on their last legs. You can throw them away when dirty, then buy something new, like that souvenir t-shirt boasting of your latest great travel adventure.

Check out one of the online sites that specializes in women's travel clothing, and you'll find lots of options. Whether you're headed for Tahiti or Timbuktu, you can pack light, have what you need, and look great too!

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tinaweha profile image

tinaweha 5 years ago from Seattle (and the world)

I almost always have my four inch heels on (I like boots for stability). I don't have any LV bags, but if I must, I can throw on my mobilis whatever they are sandals....mephistos. I'm so used to wearing heels that it's harder to walk in flats. I'm sure you would laugh.

happyexplorer profile image

happyexplorer 5 years ago from Mostly USA, sometimes elsewhere Author

Hahaha! You might end up walking on tiptoes while wearing flats. That's okay tinaweha - whatever works!

sam 4 years ago

women's are always look smart in any clothes and shoes.

nice info.



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